HLE Chovy on Worlds 2021 elimination, 3-0 loss to T1: " I don't think Faker made any misplays."

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Hanwha Life Esports took on T1 in the first match of quarterfinals of the 2021 World Championship. T1 took a clean 3-0 sweep and knocked out Hanwha Life Esports from the tournament. After being eliminated by T1, Hanwha Life Esports spoke to the media in a post-match press conference. 



(To Willer) You've said that Michael Jordan is one of your idols. Michael Jordan didn't win his first championship until he was 27. Is this Worlds only the beginning, and can we expect more from you?


Willer: I was inspired by his competitive spirit to become a better player, not necessarily because of that part. 


(To Kezman) Were you surprised by Faker's Lissandra pick?


Kezman:  I think Faker has always been a great player. I don't have anything else to say because we are focusing on what we did wrong.


(To Chovy and Willer) How was the experience for Worlds 2021?


Chovy: It was great to participate in Worlds, and I feel like I've learned a lot by playing here. I would like to redeem and come back to this stage.


Willer: I think I was lucky to get a chance to participate here. I was very fortunate to learn a lot from my great teammates and coaches. It was a great experience learning a lot by playing in Worlds.


(To Deft) Since appearing in the semifinals of Worlds 2014, you've not made it back in the next four tries. What makes this phase so difficult to play and succeed in?


Deft: The most difficult part was closing the gap between my plays during the practice and my actual plays at the stage. 


(To Willer) Your performance this year was excellent, starting from 8th place in LCK Summer to top 8 in Worlds. How much did you grow as a player during this miracle run?


Willer: I still need to be better, but I think this year was the most meaningful and fortunate one. I learned even more by coming to Worlds, so I will consistently work hard to be a better player.


(To Chovy) Many people consider you as the successor of Faker — What do you think of Faker's performance today?


Chovy: I don't think Faker made any misplays. He was great in catching chances for great plays.


(To Morgan) You've played in both LCK and LPL — What is the biggest difference between the two leagues?


Morgan: LPL players are oriented around aggressive teamfights but LCK players prefer more elaborate teamfights.


(To Deft and Chovy) Happy birthday, Deft! What are your plans afterward?


Deft: I don't have any plans because the game just ended.


Chovy: I am hungry, so I need to eat first, then celebrate Deft's birthday.


(To Kezman) You’ve coached the teams that play tomorrow. What do you think of the match tomorrow?


Kezman: I can’t say which team will win because I am related to both teams. I think it will be an exciting match.


(To Kezman) Your team started from 8th place in LCK and finished top 8 in Worlds. How would you evaluate the team?


Kezman: We had a lot of new players, and the veteran players carried the team well. I think we were able to come here because the players are outstanding. I hope they keep the momentum up to become better players.


(To Kezman) I’d expect you’ve played scrim games against both T1 and DWG KIA. Which team felt stronger?


Kezman: We did not have a chance to play a scrim game against T1. We played against DWG KIA a few times, and considering today’s game, I think both T1 and DWG KIA are very powerful teams.


(To Kezman) Varus has been considered as a weak champion recently but was picked as a bot laner today. Was it prepared as a counter pick to Aphelios?


Kezman: We picked the champions we liked as we communicated within the team. I personally thought we could have shown more, but both the players and I made some misplays at the stage.


(To Kezman) What do you think are the objective reasons for the loss today?


Kezman: It might be an excuse, but I think the players were nervous and mentally pressured for the quarterfinals. I also feel that I made mistakes in the draft phase. I want to apologize to the players.


(To Deft) What were the most meaningful and regretful moments in Worlds?


Deft: The most meaningful moment was when we made it out of the group stage in the second round, although we were in danger in the first round. The most regretful moment is that our second game could have been different if I had killed Gwen. That keeps coming up in my mind.


(To Willer and Morgan) The great plays you’ve shown during the group stage were not apparent today. Was it because of the pressure of the quarterfinals?


Willer: I don’t think I was too pressured, but I lost track of my plays once I made some mistakes. I am disappointed for not showing the plays I wanted to make.


Morgan: I feel the same. I am wanted to show more with the champions we play well.


(To Kezman) You selected the blue side but banned Yuumi on the blue side too. What is the reason?


Kezman: I think it's the play style of our team.


(To Kezman) It's been a while since we saw you at Worlds. How is Worlds with Hanwha Life Esports different from Worlds with your previous teams?


Kezman: For I May, I lead the team starting from the Chinese Challenger League. Qualifying to Worlds was already a meaningful experience. RNG was a very powerful team. I had a difficult time after failing to win Worlds. For Hanwha Life Esports, it's incredible that we've come from nowhere last year to Worlds. I want to thank all the players here and the players who were with us for working their best. 

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