GEN Bdd: “Both LCK and LPL have strong teams, but I think DK is clearly the strongest.”


Gen.G fell to LEC champion MAD Lions in their second group stage match of the 2021 LoL World Championship, after they threw away a sizable gold lead by surrendering all late game objectives without so much of a contest. Once MAD Lions’ Yuumi came fully online in the late game, Gen.G had nothing to respond with.


After the match, Gen.G mid laner Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong joined Inven Global to talk about the loss and why Yuumi was such a problem and the balance of power between the strongest teams at Worlds.


You’re at Worlds again, second time in a row. How does it feel being there?


Our summer season started off great, but it went weird in the middle. We got to Worlds after tons of ups and downs. All I’m thinking of is how I would do well here.


You’ve been to several international stages. What’s different this time?


Last year, my performance was really bad. I just want to play well this time.


In today’s match, you gave up Yuumi, LeBlanc, and Lucian, which are known to be hot picks in the meta. What were your intentions?


In their Yuumi comp, it was easy for me to take priority against LeBlanc with Azir, and our bot said that they could get through Yuumi well. So we didn’t ban them, but things didn’t go well. It seems we need to rethink our draft.


Many fans are saying the LCK mid laner lineup this year is amazing. What do you think?


All the players that are here have been showing peak performance for a long time. I think that’s why fans evaluate them so highly. I also think they’re extremely good.


In the broadcast interview yesterday, you said that the LCK mid laners are better than LPL’s. Compared to the world, how do you think the LCK is?


Frankly, I think there’s a gap between LCK’s top seed, DWG KIA, and the #2-4 seed teams. I think DWG KIA can beat any team from the LPL for sure. At this Worlds, both LCK and LPL have strong teams, but I think DWG KIA is clearly the strongest.


Which teams seem good, in scrims and official matches?


I think EDG is really good in both. Personally, I think the LEC and LPL are good — especially in official games that really matter.


Are there any players that stand out?


I’ve always thought RNG’s Ming is a great player. Khan is also great. Also, I think most teams’ junglers and supports are really good.


Compared to the regular season, how is Gen.G’s current level?


There’s so much we’re lacking. Honestly, I’ve been thinking that we aren’t that different from the regular season. We might fall behind certain teams, but we still have the potential to jump forward.


Besides getting good results, what’s your goal for this tournament?


I want to play well. My goal is not to make mistakes in the early game like today. And I want to lead against all mid laners without mistakes.


You have so much experience now, so at least you wouldn’t get nervous, right?


[Laughs] Actually, I get nervous every game, regardless of how important the match is.


Any last comments?


We should have won today. It’s so regretful. I’m sorry. We’ll talk about our drafts and improve our performance so that we can win our next match.

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