These characters would have been the worst final DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community has been pretty content with Sora being the last DLC fighter. He was voted as the most-requested character in a poll six years ago and his moveset seems impressive and fun, even for Smash players who aren't familiar with Kingdom Hearts. 


It's actually quite wholesome to see the Smash community come together to accept Sora as the allegedly final DLC fighter. While there are people disappointed that their favorite video game characters didn't get in (at least not yet), there hasn't been a lot of toxicity surrounding Sora's inclusion in the large roster. 


But we're Smash. We love some negativity. So here are the characters that the Smash community feel would have been the worst final DLC. 




Source: Epic Games


Agent John Jones, aka Agent Jonesey, is one of the main faces of Fortnite's storyline. He is a member of the Imagined Order organization and is prominent in most of Fortnite's events. I'd look up more information on the guy but I doubt anyone is interested.  


It's not really that people specifically care about Jonesey — the Smash community just didn't want anyone from Fortnite. Fortnite has become very crossover-heavy, making many gamers feel that the game is shallow and corporate, as well as doing whatever it takes to appeal to young children. Having such a "sellout" style game in Smash is often seen as taking the soul away from the franchise. 


Also, we don't want some stupid Fortnite dance taunt. 




Source: King Bob Gaming


When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was first announced, the gaming community was full of memes over the "everyone is here" tagline. While it was meant to reference that all characters from past games were back, some felt it was a harsh jab at Waluigi for not being included in a game that featured almost every other popular Mario character. 


While the memes have somehow lasted for YEARS, not many Smash players truly want Waluigi in the game. Making him the last DLC fighter would seem like pandering to memes or giving in to pressure from online trolls. Because, let's be honest, Waluigi has nothing to offer.


Aside from saying "wah," Waluigi is not known for much. He's often a filler character, randomly appearing in Mario games like tennis and soccer. But Waluigi has no game of his own nor does he seem to have a storyline or anything to fight for. 




Source: Pokemon Company


Nobody wanted a Pokemon rep in general. Not only is there already an abundance of Pokemon in Smash, but the new generations have also been underwhelming for many fans of the franchise. A lot of the new Pokemon games, including Sword & Shield, have been criticized for being lazy, low quality, and simple. The Pokemon themselves have been ridiculed for being ugly and uncool. 


But one Pokemon that often gets mentioned by name when it comes to least-wanted fighters is Cinderace. The fire-type bunny Pokemon is the final evolution of Scorbunny, one of the Generation VIII starters. And his design is just super lame.


The furry trend is very unfavorable in Pokemon, as are Pokemon that seem to have a very specific personality (like being a soccer player). Cinderace is also just one of the worst starters of all time in a game that's considered one of the worst of all time in its franchise. 


Anyone from Fire Emblem


Source: Nintendo


This one is obvious. The majority of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players are displeased with the amount of Fire Emblem characters in the roster — they even created a mod where Fire Emblem fighters are removed from the roster.


A lot of the characters feel very similar (some ARE echo fighters) and look pretty identical, making their inclusion very repetitive and underwhelming. That and the fact that most people hate swordies makes this one of the obvious choices for the worst final DLC options. 



Source: Ubisoft


My god. Just look at them. Isn't that enough of a reason? These unfunny idiots are the Minions of video games. 


When Mario + Rabbids became a thing, fans were torn. The game was fun with interesting gameplay and strategy. But the Rabbids were unbearable. When a second one was announced, many fans feared for the worst. Would Rabbids be a part of Smash? 


Luckily we escaped this fate but the mere thought of a Rabbid being in Smash still makes fans everywhere feel a sense of range burning within that makes you want to rip their eyeballs out of their head. 


Other mentioned DLC nightmares include Rayman, Geno, and even Paper Mario. But overall, fans were in consensus that these characters are some of the most undeserving in the entirety of the video game world. Even if someone is not happy with Sora, they can feel inner peace knowing that none of these aforementioned characters made it into the coveted Smash roster. 

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