Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans hate Fire Emblem fighters so much that there's now a mod for that

Source: Nintendo


Sick of swordies? Fed up with Fire Emblem? There is a mod for that. 


Even though the Fire Emblem series has been massively popular and successful due to its dynamic roster of characters and rich storylines, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have often expressed their distaste for the amount of Fire Emblem fighters in their fighting game of choice. 


While the Fire Emblem fighters have their die-hard fans (and many are high tier and viable for tourneys), the usual complaints are the repetitive feel of the Fire Emblem representatives. There are just six Fire Emblem characters in Smash Ultimate but it can often feel overwhelming because they are all swordies with very similar appearances and attacks. For some Smash players, they are just creatively underwhelming and it can feel like Fire Emblem fighters are taking roster spots from more innovative and unique fighters down the line. 


If you're one of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players feeling frustrated with the amount of Fire Emblem content in Smash, there's a mod for you. The mod was created by a developer known as Akrenix. It's called "No More Fire Emblem!" and simply removes all Fire Emblem characters and stages from the game. 


The mod is currently available for download but be warned that there is no source code provided. Some Smash players have requested the files but it's been 30 days and there's currently no response. If you're interested in the mod, just be cautious about downloading it.


But for some within the Smash community, the risk is more than worth it just to not see Marth's blue bowl cut or hear Ike say "I fight for my friends." I mean is it really so bad to download damaging malware if I never have to get hit with Lucina's tipper. 

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