[Opinion] I don't want any more DLC fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


A lot of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are saying that Sora is a great choice for the final DLC. It honestly seems like the community is taking this all very well despite many people not getting their favorite video game characters into the franchise. 


Oh wait, that's because fans believe that more DLC is on the way. 


During the last Mr. Sakurai Presents, Smash's exhausted creator, Sakurai, said multiple times that it was the last presentation he'd ever do for Smash. And leading up to it, Sakurai said over six times that this was the end of the DLC. But fans are not having it. 


Members of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community have concluded that it may possibly be the last Mr. Sakurai Presents... As in, Sakurai won't make presentations anymore but DLC IS STILL COMING. With the Nintendo Switch's lifetime going at least four more years, fans find it hard to believe that Smash wouldn't want to milk players for money during that time. They'd really let the game sit there for years without adding DLC that must be purchased? 


To that I say: I have no idea. 


But what I do know is that I don't want any more DLC fighters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 


Reason #1: Let the roster breathe, let the meta flow naturally 


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fighting game. Every time a character is added to the roster, it changes the dynamic of the game (at least minimally). There are new fighters to learn how to play and how to play against. There are new balances. There are nerfs and buffs. 


I would really prefer if the game could stay how it is — sort of like how Melee hasn't added to its roster in years — allowing competitive players of all levels to have more time mastering the game without any major changes. 


Maybe I'm just a really stubborn Smash player who doesn't want to grind the new character every time it's released. Maybe I'm just a really lazy Smash player who doesn't like remembering new mechanics and spacing and timing for new characters each time they drop. Either way, I am sick of the disruptions to the game state. 


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate differs from Melee in that almost every fighter is viable in the right hands. This means enough dedication, skill, and understanding will allow a great variety of characters to thrive competitively. I wish we could just see this evolve over time without the constant addition of a random fighter disrupting everyone's grind and focus. Let everyone focus on their mains and their matchups. Stop adding swordies. I'm a Yoshi main for crying out loud! 



Reason #2: Make the game more competitive


A lot of the DLC fighters have introduced new mechanics, like Steve's stupid building stuff and Hero's RNG and Pyra & Mythra's changing. It's a lot of fun for developers to explore new possibilities and fun for players to master new playstyles, but a lot of people feel the new fighters have made the game less balanced. 


While games like Overwatch benefit from an ever-changing roster, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would have a better competitive scene if the roster remained the same. This would allow for pros to practice with the same fighters and matchups year after year, ultimately mastering every aspect of the game. 


Obviously competitive players are good enough to overcome changes to the Smash roster. That's just obvious and shouldn't have to be said (but I know how the scene is). But there's no denying that Melee is more competitive. The game has been the same for years, allowing the competitive scene to really figure out the in's and out's of the game without disruptions. 


The meta is often changed due to the addition of a DLC fighter. They are seen as "OP" or even just "good" because nobody is used to facing them yet. This allows them to excel in competition until people learn more about the character and its capabilities. It's just not as enjoyable to watch people bumble around against a character they don't know as it is to watch the highest level of competition possible. 


Enough gimmicks. Let's just let the existing characters shine as casuals and pros alike continue to master everything about them. 


Reason #3: It's annoying


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community only knows hornyposting, complaining, saying "who" to news about every well-known pro player, and speculating the next DLC fighter. Let's remove some of the repetitiveness by not having any more DLC fighters. Ever. That way you will never have to see a random Smash player talk about the merits of Rayman or argue against Geno unprompted ever again. 


This is the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community forums when there are no more DLC fighters being announced: 



Reason #4: I'm annoying


Honestly, I'm even sick of myself. I went on Twitter about every other day to say "Captain Toad for Smash." I also added it to the end of every article whenever possible, which I'm sure you all loved. I almost started believing myself that it could be possible. That it could be true. That Captain Toad would be given the spot he deserves. 


I don't want to be let down anymore. It's heartbreaking every time I see an image of Captain Toad smiling, knowing he was robbed. 


Reason #5: Let Sakurai rest


Sakurai has made it clear that he's exhausted. And he's not tired due to his ongoing work on the Smash Bros. series. He's sick of YOU. He has begged people to stop speculating, to just let him him talk about other games without being harassed about it being a hint at upcoming Smash DLC. Even when Sakurai has said THIS IS THE END. THERE IS NO MORE you have continued to say that more DLC is coming. STOP! LEAVE HIM ALONE! If more DLC comes as a surprise, that's great. But stop expecting it. Stop writing about it. Just let it end. 



There is a reason people are wondering if he is depressed. Because YOU are depressing him. If another random DLC drops in the future, sure, that's fun. Especially if it's a character I want. There are many video game characters that "deserve" a spot, like Waddle Dee. But let's not expect it. Let's not demand it. Let's not keep waiting for it and discussing it. 


Sora was the last DLC fighter. 


Enjoy the game as it currently is. 

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