The top 6 times Sakurai reminded the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community that there's only one DLC fighter left


Masahiro Sakurai is best known for creating the Super Smash Bros. fighting series for Nintendo. His second claim to fame is having Kirby as a first-born son. The third-most thing that Sakurai is known for is telling Super Smash Bros. fans that there will be no more DLC fighters after Fighter Pass Volume 2 is complete. 


There is nothing Super Smash Bros. fans love more than speculating and predicting Ultimate's DLC fighters. And with only one more slot left, they are getting more and more curious. Who will this character be? And is it really the end? 


Well, according to Sakurai: Yes. And he's been saying it forever. But despite his repetition, Smash fans refuse to believe that Sakurai will stop adding DLC fighters to Ultimate. Apparently, a secret Fighter Pass Volume 3 is in the works. At least. 


But Sakurai has said that's not the case SIX. TIMES. So here are the top six times that Sakurai told Smash fans that there will be no more DLC fighters after Volume 2, ranked from how willing Smash fans were to believe Sakurai as he used all of his remaining energy to tell Smash players that there wouldn't be any more fighters. 





After Pyra & Mythra were released, Sakurai took to Famitsu Column 624 to repeat himself about the Smash DLC. Because the Smash community clearly can't take a hint. In the column, Sakurai said that creating the two remaining fighters was going to be "fun up until the end." 


This is on the bottom of the tier list since it was the one that could be misinterpreted by eager fans the easiest. 




Source: Sakurai becoming increasingly delusional


Min Min was a DLC fighter that excited almost nobody at all. The announcement was easily overshadowed by Sakurai explaining that there would only be five more DLC fighters. After the end of Fighter Pass Volume 2, that would be it. The development of Smash would "finally come to an end," Sakurai said. 


This dashed the hope of Fighter Pass Volume 3. Well, it should have. Some fans assumed that the team was just taking a break from developing fighters and would resume after COVID-19. 



When Sakurai presented Pyra & Mythra, the exhausted yet proud Kirby father decided to be as clear and concise as he could be: "Only two more DLC fighters remain. That means that there are only two more opportunities to bring you videos like this." 


Per usual, fans speculated that it was all a ruse since Nintendo has enjoyed surprising Smash fans and keeping information as secret as possible. Others have said that it seemed weird Nintendo would decide to give up a continued to make money but it wouldn't be the first time the Japanese company has missed lucrative opportunities. On purpose. 




Before Kazuya was announced, Sakurai had a Famitsu column (629) where he discussed the future of Ultimate's DLC. He stated that Kazuya and one more fighter will be the last DLC fighters to enter Smash. Ever.


In the column, Sakurai said that Ultimate would be "finalized." But at the time, players were unsure if he truly meant that there would be no more fighters added to the roster. 


"Sakurai says that while we wait, he can say definitively there are only two fighters remaining," a translator explained to English fans. "They will both be released this year."




After discussing Kazuya entering Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Famitsu Column 632, Sakurai decided to explain that there will only be one DLC fighter left. 


"This is the end: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be complete," Sakurai stated. 





"The next DLC fighter will be the last one," Sakurai explained at another point. "There won't be any more after that."


Sakurai said that it would be a while before the last DLC is announced, although he did predict it would be this year. He told his fans to be patient. And while fans mostly have, they are mostly concerned about the future of Ultimate. Is Smash going to keep getting updates? Balances? Nerfs? Buffs? Maps? Music? 


At this point, fans accepted that Sakurai's words may be true. You know, after hearing the same thing said six times. But this time it sounded VERY adamant and was not up for interpretation. 

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