Black Desert Online

BDO's new class Striker revealed in Oasis Festival, available in Korean server on April 20th




Black Desert Online’s new class Striker, the game’s 14th character after Dark Knight, was announced today at the offline event Oasis Festival in Seoul, Korea.

Striker, originally a Calpheon noble, lost his family while sailing the ocean and found himself in the foreign land. He trained to be a fighter with guide from his master, and even learned the energy attack shown in the video. BDO’s Korean website has already begun its own pre-registration event for Striker, and players in Korea will be able to make Striker characters in the following week when new patch arrives in Korean server. The date in which he will be fully available to play in Korea is April 20th. 

PearlAbyss’ chief producer Jaehee Kim said that Striker’s skills will be designed to chain combos easily and quickly suppress the enemies. He said that Striker will be stronger in 1v1, because Striker will use high mobility to dash to the enemy and land multiple attacks in a short period of time. He added that PA will try to make Striker accessible for a broader playerbase, but harder to master in higher level.

PA also revealed the silhouette of the upcoming new class after Striker. The female silhouette was dressed in what seemed to be one of the oriental costumes of Haseo, and wielded a blade on her one hand.


▲ Some of his skills have also been introduced today, from "Geumgang" to "Heavy Suppression."
▲ This is Geumgang, in which the Striker charges the enemy with his shoulder.
▲ The artwork for Striker's awakening has also been revealed.
▲ The silhouette of the upcoming new character after Striker


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