HLE Chovy: "Even though we won, I am not satisfied with how we played the game."


Hanwha Life Esports earned their first win in the 2021 LoL World Championship against Infinity Esports. After the match, HLE mid laner Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon joined Park Jeesun on a post-game interview on the broadcast to discuss about his games in the play-in stage.


How are your feelings on earning the first Worlds win against Infinity Esports?


Even though we won, I am not satisfied with how we played the game.


You almost lost the early initiative you had after losing multiple fights. What was the problem?


The opponent's bot laner abandoned the lane and joined other laners. I think the problem started when we chased them to the Raptors.


Amumu's roamings on the mid lane seemed to be critical. What are your thoughts on Amumu support?


I once lost track of Amumu's location, but I thought he wouldn't come because a ward was installed there. That was probably a trap. I will consider that next time.


In the previous game against LNG, you picked Tryndamere. How did you prepare for it?


Drafting Irelia, Sejuani, and Tryndamere together was not ideal, but I picked Tryndamere because it is a good champion. Our opponent dealt with Tryndamere well.


How will you prepare for games against PEACE and RED Canids tomorrow?


We will review their games to analyze and prepare for their strategy.

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