Super Smash Bros. Ultimate insider doubts Sora as final DLC fighter

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A recent prediction by an alleged Disney employee seemed to hint that Sora was the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate final DLC fighter. And now a Nintendo insider is echoing the sentiments. 


Back in the summer of 2021, a 4chan user claiming to work at Disney stated that Nintendo asked for permission to use music for a presentation on October 5. That date was announced as the final Sakurai Presents in late September, where the final DLC fighter will be announced. This immediately had the community speculating that Sora from Kingdom Hearts was the final member of the iconic Smash roster. 


Well-known Nintendo insider, Samus Hunter, discussed the 4chan leak on Twitter earlier today. 


"About the Sora on Smash rumor. As I said, I can't confirm anyone at this time. 4chan's post is interesting because it talks about an event that actually happens. For a game's music to be published in any trailer, a contract must first be made with the rights owners," Samus Hunter said. 


But Samus Hunter followed this tweet up with another sentiment that seemed to discredit the 4chan leak. The insider reminded fans that music tracks can appear in the Mii costume trailer during the presentation. Still, the 4chan leak mentioned music in the plural form, making Samus Hunter consider the concept of Sora being a playable DLC fighter. 



Samus Hunter continued: "If Sora will be playable, however, expect a version that is less Disney and more SquareEnix in terms of representation. Since the character travels around various worlds changing his appearance, an ad-hoc design for Smash would be nice. However I personally consider it unlikely it would be another Square character, but I don't rule out that it may appear in some way." 


This is the same sentiment that the Smash community at large has heavily discussed after the leak initially appeared. A lot of fans feel that another Square Enix character is unlikely, although Samus Hunter and other leakers have stated it will be a third-party character. This leaves many options open for speculation. 


But Smash fans will have to wait until October 5 to finally find out the final DLC fighter. 

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