Leak points to Sora being the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter


A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leak has possibly revealed the final DLC fighter coming to the roster. 


A post on 4chan seems to point to Kingdom Hearts' protagonist Sora as the final DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The leak was posted on July 30 in the video game board but wasn't really getting a lot of attention until the Smash community learned the date of the final Sakurai Presents during the Nintendo Direct on September 23. 


An anonymous 4chan user explained that they worked for "Disney music." They claimed that Nintendo called them last week to request rights to "several tracks from Kingdom Hearts" to be used in a "digital event" on October 5. 


"Sora is the last Smash character," the leaker speculated. 


4chan smash leak
The post was seen as just another "insider" making up theories back in July. But once fans learned that the last DLC fighter's announcement trailer will be on October 5, the theory seems to be more than just another random Smash fan theory. 

Of course, it's still impossible to know who the last Smash fighter will be until Sakurai's presentation on October 5. But Sora seems to be a very likely candidate all of a sudden. 


The strange 4chan post also had fans looking back at the Nintendo Direct with new eyes (and speculation). The DIsney Magical World 2: Echanted Edition trailer early on during the Direct featured Mickey staring at an envelope. 


"What's this, an invitation?" Mickey questions. 



While the announcer then states that players are "invited" to the world of Disney within the new game, the wording has a lot of Smash fans talking. It's a pretty interesting coincidence, especially for Smash players that want Sora to be the final Smash DLC. 

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