Score predicts the Worlds 2021 meta: "Amumu support will be played for sure"


The 2021 LoL World Championship is now only a week ahead of us. Unlike the Summer split, there is fun for predicting and analyzing the meta for Worlds.

Go "Score" Dong-bin has actively communicated with the fans on his stream after getting discharged from the army. Inven got to ask Score about the 11.19 meta, which will be the version played at Worlds.

To start with, Score chose the top side — top, jungle, and mid — as the essential lanes. There won't be a big difference from the previous meta as Rift Heralds and turret gold rewards still exist.

Looking more deeply into each lane, Score thought that the top lane meta would still focus on aggressive champions. Although split push is not a must in the 11.19 meta, champions that can help with team fights or poke instead of excessively leaning toward the split push, like Camile, Gnar, and Jayce, can potentially be played.

He shook his head on assassin jungles, which has been popular in solo ranked games.

"Assassin jungles were very popular in solo ranked games, but bruiser jungles will be the pick at Worlds Personally, even if assassin junglers become meta, I still think that they're going to build Goredrinker due to item efficiency."

We also asked about Tryndamere mid and Amumu support. He said "Amumu support will be played for sure. Miss Fortune and Amumu has a great synergy."


However, he questioned Trynadamere. "I am not sure about Tryndamere. I have no idea. It might be played, it might not. In a way, wouldn't it frequently appear if anyone performs well with it because AD mid champions are rare in the competitive scene?"

Score picked Sylas and Taliyah as noteworthy champions. He said Sylas would be played more often at Worlds because of early mana buffs, and Taliyah is notable because there were good buffs.

Will we get to see Amumu and Tryndamere at Worlds? Also, will Sylas and Taliyah be the main meta picks, as Score said?





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