Genshin Impact continues to receive 1-star ratings due to lack of rewards for their 1-year anniversary


Genshin Impact was released by miHoYo on September 28, 2020, and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. In six months, it made more than $1 billion from the mobile revenue alone, not taking PC and PlayStation revenue into account. Genshin is now celebrating its first birthday, but the players are unhappy of MIHoYo's one-year anniversary rewards, especially to the playerbase that have supported them for a year.


There is only one reward to the players for their 1st birthday — Primogems. The reward is worse than the New Year's festival held earlier this year, and there are no other in-game events for players to enjoy — unprecedented for such a successful game. There's nothing the playerbase can appreciate about the anniversary


▲ Players in Genshin Impact Official discord are protesting by spamming stickers.


There's more. Sangonomiya Kokomi, a new character released on September 21, is underwhelming. There are no party builds that Kokomi can fit in. Players are asking for her buffs, but miHoYo has yet to comment on the community's requests.


Overall, the new patch launched for the anniversary were disappointing, both event-wise and update-wise. Not every update for a game might be exciting. The real problem is that the developers have been refusing to communicate with the players.


Source: Genshin Impact


As the complaints from the community is exploding, Genshin started to take control of public opinions. Genshin Impact Reddit is under lockdown — all threads must be approved by a mod, threads about the one-year anniversary made before is locked, and users posting complaints can get banned. NGA, Tieba, Hoyolab are also in a similar situation, deleting and not allowing complaint posts. Currently in-game, players can't change the name signatures.


Source: Google Play


As of September 28, Genshin Impact's Google Play review score is hanging around 1.9 to 2.0. Players are asking for miHoYo to communicate, but the developers are refusing to give any answers.

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