Dafran calls out streamers and esports orgs who called sinatraa guilty


Streamer turned farmer turned streamer Daniel "Dafran" Francesca has been continuously vocal about the sexual abuse allegations against VALORANT star Jay "sinatraa" Won. 


Dafran dropped a tweet earlier today that showed his continued support for sinatraa. He condemned esports organizations and streamers for "immediately" judging the former Sentinels player after his ex-girlfriend accused him of mental abuse and sexual abuse. 


The tweet seemed to be spurred by sinatraa's unbanning by Riot Games. His six-month suspension is up and teams are allegedly already interested in the VALORANT pro, who is currently benched by Sentinels, with no prospects to return, according to team captain Shahzeeb "ShahZaM" Khan. Dafran also added that Cleo “Cle0h” Hernandez has allegedly dropped her charges against sinatraa — which Hernandez recently made clear is not the case — making the former Overwatch League pro even more adamant that people shouldn't have listened to her accusations. 

"We will never know what happened. It's annoying as fuck but nothing was proven," Dafran said. 



Dafran continues to stand up for sinatraa after six month VALORANT suspension

Cle0h opened up about her former relationship with sinatraa in March 2020, to which the player responded, saying he had proof of his innocence, though such proof was never shared publicly. This led Riot Games to accuse the player of not cooperating fully with the investigation, leading to a six-month suspension from VALORANT tournaments. Dafran, however, has been very supportive of sinatraa from the start. 


"I mean if I got raped and fucked in the ass by big dick Johnny and I had it on video, I would just show the cops the video, EZ clap go next,” Dafran responded at the time. 


When the streaming community called the player out on his victim-blaming, Dafran said he was "under attack" from "delusional feminists." He explained that sinatraa couldn't be accused of rape without proof, which caused a lot of people to wonder how much proof women needed to finally be believed in these types of situations. 


Now, Dafran is at it again with his latest tweet, causing another uproar in his mentions. 


According to Cle0h, the investigation was harming her mental health. It even put her in a place that caused her to feel suicidal, she claimed. 

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