Sinatraa will not return to Sentinels roster, according to Shahzam

Source: Sentinels

Sinatraa's six-month administrative suspension from Riot Games events will end in September, but according to on-stream comments from Sentinels' team captain ShahZam, the player will not be returning to their competitive roster. In response to a question on stream about whether Sinatraa would return, ShahZam stated simply: "No, this is our team now."


It isn't surprising to hear that Sinatraa won't be returning to the squad, given the tremendous success that the team has achieved in his absence. After his departure, Sinatraa was replaced by Tyson "Tenz" Ngo, who has become a pinnacle of the teams success, putting up some of the best numbers for Sentinels and NA Valorant as a whole. Sentinels current squad has now won every Challengers event they have attended with Tenz, and won Stage 2 Masters Reykavik in May.


Sinatraa was suspended in May for failing to fully cooperate with Riot's investigation into domestic abuse allegations made against the player by an ex-girlfriend. While Riot made no ruling on those allegations specifically, citing the fact that they were reported to the police by Sinatraa's ex-girlfriend Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez, they did find that he obstructed their investigation by withholding key evidence from Riot Games when they requested it.


While Sinatraa may not be competing with Sentinels pro team, he has returned to streaming on Twitch where he gains a pretty healthy-sized audience despite the controversy surrounding Cleo's allegations. It is unclear if Sinatraa will remain a content creator with Sentinels when his suspension is served, or if another team will bring him on for the Last Chance Qualifiers and Champions events later this year.

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