Mew2King on MKLeo victory at Riptide: "I think people tend to overrate any characters they use"

Source: Beyond the Summit


Super Smash Bros. Melee pro Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman had a lot to say after watching the incredible finals between Leonardo "MKLeo" Perez and Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey. 


MKLeo defended his title as the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player in the world when he beat Tweek at Riptide. While it started off 1-1, MKLeo quickly started to ramp up, becoming almost unstoppable. By the last game, MKLeo three-stocked Tweek and took the victory almost effortlessly.


Mew2King seemed most interested in which fighter MKLeo chose to use throughout the match. Against Tweek's Diddy Kong and Sephiroth, MKLeo stuck with Byleth. Mew2King said that MKLeo's win proved "how balanced" Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is. 


"This character is probably mid/high tier," Mew2King tweeted, "and if Leo wasn't piloting them then I think people would consider Byleth mid tier. I think Tweek, MKLeo, and Sparg0 are carrying all their characters more than people realize." 



Mew2King explained that the main reason MKLeo and other top players excel with fighters who aren't considered S-tier is due to their fundamental understanding of the game. Mew2King pointed out how well top players do in online and offline tournaments with a variety of characters, which is something he believes players can't do without "overall intelligence and skill."


For Mew2King, it's not that the fighters MKLeo, Sparg0, and Tweek use actually better than people think. In fact, people often "overrate" the characters players use. In reality, the main factor that allows top players to win tournaments with mid-tier players is the pros' overall abilities as a competitor. 


This led Mew2King to this conclusion: "Guys, you can probably win with your favorite character. Tier gaps aren't as big in this game as other Smash games in my opinion." 



The Smash community found Mew2King's insight to be quite accurate. Others noted that the community was quick to say that the fighters top pros use are great instead of recognizing the top pro's greatness.


For example, Pyra & Mythra have been highly regarded in Smash due to MKLeo's high placements in tournaments with the Xenoblade Chronicles duo. But Pyra & Mythra may not be as high-tier as people are saying. Instead, MKLeo is just so good at the game that he can use just about anyone and get a good placement in a major Smash tourney. 


Still, others in the Smash community felt as though Byleth's nair is "one of the best in the game," which gave MKLeo an advantage. But some players disagreed, stating that Byleth is still mid-tier even after MKLeo's performance. 


The lesson? Play the character you want. Don't play a character just because MKLeo or Sparg0 mastered them and won a tournament with them. Instead, focus on your favorite character and their playstyle, practice with them, and learn the game inside and out. Having a deeper understanding of your chosen character and Smash in general is ultimately what will help you place in tournaments. 

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