FaZe Clan welcomes Teeqo back after SaveTheKids suspension

Source: FaZe Clan

Teeqo is back in the FaZe Clan following his indefinite suspension from the organization due to his involvement in the SaveTheKids crypto pump-and-dump scandal that left FaZe Kay kicked from the org, and Teeqo, Jarvis, and Nikan all under suspension. His return to the FaZe Clan was teased in a recent Vlog, but today FaZe made it official with a Twitter post, saying simple "<3 forever."



FaZe also released a brand new Vlog featuring Teeqo to welcome him back.


The SaveTheKids crypto-scandal saw four FaZe members put their face and support behind the SaveTheKids charity coin, only to see the coin's value crash as Kay, Jarvis, Nikan, and other non-FaZe creators involved sold off their shares within only a few hours of the launch.


However, an investigation from CoffeeZilla who broke the scandal initially found the Teeqo did not sell off any of his coins, indicating that he actually believed in the project and was actually arguably a victim of the actions of his fellow collaborators rather than a beneficiary of the scam.


Teeqo released his own emotional video titled "My Truth" responding to the situation in August, claiming that he didn't do anything wrong and explaining his pure motives behind his involvement in what he thought was an actual charitable effort.



"I was watching the chart when it went live, I bought in more once it was live, and it crashed in front of my fucking eyes," Teeqo explained. "I shut my laptop, I laid in bed, and I got anxiety out of the f*cking roof. I never thought it would get to this extent and I would lose my life over this, but I sat there like "I did this" because my name is on this, my face is on this."


He concluded that video saying, "I actually hate that I have to sit here and try to defend myself, who I am, and what I have done. I have literally been a donor monthly to the Save The Children charity. It's not a lot, but I pay every month and have for four or five years. I have never spoken about that. . . because I don't make videos about it, I don't make tweets about it, I am not trying to act like some good guy. I do sh*t because I want to f*cking do it."


FaZe Clan apparently agrees with Teeqo and Coffeezilla that Teeqo should be cleared of any wrongdoing in this case, as he is now back with the organization!

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