BREAKING: Respawn confirms they are investigating a security vulnerability in Titanfall 2

Source: Respawn Entertainment

Update 9/8/2021: Respawn announced that they discovered an exploit, but believe it to be a simple game crashing exploit, not a dangerous malicious software exploit. Their investigation is ongoing.


Update 9/8/2021: This article has been updated to reflect Respawn's statement confirming they are investigating a security vulnerability in Titanfall 2.


A post from a Discord server alleging that Titanfall 2 is compromised on all platforms went viral on Wednesday, leading to thousands of people across Twitter and Reddit warning others to uninstall the game, or at the very least not launch it. While initially there was little evidence provided backing  the rumor, Respawn has since confirmed that they are indeed looking into a security vulnerability with the game, though they did not share any details.



Even before Respawn confirmed their investigation into the reported security flaw, the quickly spreading story already prompted many to uninstall Titanfall 2, just to be on the safe side should the rumor prove true.


According to the original Discord post regarding the security flaw, Titanfall 2 has a bug in the game that allows for "local execution from the server" leaving computers and consoles "vulnerable to exploits by launching the game." The post provided no concrete example or evidence of this process, and as of now, Respawn has not given any specifics about the nature of the exploit, only saying that they are investigating the issue.



The description of the exploit sounds very similar to a remote code execution hack spotted two years in source engine games, that reportedly allowed remote code execution on another person's machine via a Steam Invite. That exploit reportedly only worked via the Invite Friend Steam API.


Until Respawn provides further clarification on the exact nature of this reported security flaw, don't launch Titan Fall 2, just to be safe.

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