MIR4 Comprehensive Review -- what that one DRACO crypto game is all about.


If you played one MMORPG, you have played them all, right? The genre is massive and, now that mobile devices can run games that look better and play smoother than ever before, it is easy to get lost in the sauce and miss out on unique titles.

It’s difficult for games to find ways of differentiating themselves from the crowd. That begs the question, “what is different about Mir4?”

Only a couple of days after launching globally, there are several noteworthy aspects to the title. From its brutally efficient Clan system to its in-game utility coin DRACO (based on blockchain technology), the developers behind Mir4 have made conscious efforts to bring a wide variety of mechanics and systems to their flagship mobile MMORPG.

Clearing Up Clans

Mir4 has a bustling Clan system that rewards those dedicated enough to master all the unique advantages a powerful clan provides. Playing alone is certainly possible and if you aren't trying to become a Mir4 mogul, you can still have a fun time. That being said, with all the benefits and in-game advantages provided by a Clan—it’s the true way to play. 

Like any MMORPG, the main benefit of playing in a Clan is the fact that you can accomplish tasks that would otherwise be very difficult by yourself. Some monsters can be nearly impossible on your own (I’m looking at you, Giant Stone Demon) and, even if you do slay the giant monster, you have to content with Mir4's "Free Loot" system.

No, not free loot in a good way -- free loot as in other squads of players can team up, kill your party after you have already killed the boss, and steal the loot you rightfully earned.

So, it's clear that Mir4 is a game where the strength lies in numbers. However, solo players need not fret-- simply joining a clan already gets you access to powerful perks and exclusive items.  In the later stages of the game, you have the ability to speed up time-consuming tasks like opening up sealed relic chests.

In addition, Mir4 clans take the time-honored tradition of griefing an opposing player and made an entire mechanic out of it.  Clan members with the proper permissions can issue “kill on-site” orders that offer other clan mates plenty of incentive to stop what they are doing and assassinate the targeted player!

Harboring a strong sense of community are features like clan shops—the owner or an elder with financial authority can use the clan funds to register items in the store, and the registered items can be purchased using clan coins. The economy of Mir4 plays a central role in determining player behavior, so these specific clan responsibilities should be given to players who know what they are doing, less you accidentally place your clan in financial ruin!

What’s important to note, however, is that there are requirements in order to join a clan. There are many paid membership clans that require a fee to join. Even for free ones—in order to accomplish important tasks like opening chests, you will need to donate resources. This means gathering large amounts of copper, energy, and Darksteel. 

The Way to DRACO

What is DRACO? No, it’s not a loud way of referring to Soulja Boy (don’t be embarrassed if this was the case). Believe it or not, it’s even more interesting. DRACO is a block-chain based utility token (real-world examples of utility tokens would be gift cards and bus tickets) that went live during the game's global launch in August.


Essentially how it works is that players can acquire DRACO, and exchange it for the aforementioned resource known as “Darksteel”. This will have enormous implications for players, as Darksteel is an essential resource for participation in Clans, as well as in PvP. At the same time, players can literally mine for Darksteel in the game -- 100,000 Darksteel can be smelted into one DRACO, which can then be moved to your IRL WeMix wallet.

It's a bold move to introduce this "play-to-earn" mechanic that directly connects to the real economy. It gets even more interesting when you consider the primary mode of gathering Darksteel is done so in Mir4's "Hidden Valley Capture" mode -- a PvP mode that encourages clans to battle for control of the valley and its Darksteel production capabilities.

It’s the best of both worlds. Mining for crypto is actually engaging and seasoned MMORPG players can legitimately invest in the crypto-market just from playing a game. What is stopping one mega clan from absolutely dominating Mir4 and its economy and benefiting IRL via their WeMix wallet? Nothing...except for another clan with the same goal! Hats off for adding a unique twist to MMORPG PvP dynamics.

 DRACO has seen a large surge in its value as a currency and maintains stability as a modest, but significant crypto-currency. It’s going so well in fact, that Mir4’s team is already planning on launching an NFT marketplace next month to continue on with this interesting experiment. 

Game Feel

All the social systems and interesting technology aside—it all comes down to the gameplay. What does Mir4 offer as a game? For anyone that’s a fan of MMORPGs—especially those in the vein of games like Genshin Impact—this is worth taking a look at.

The first noticeable aspect is how it all looks. The authentic Wuxia setting will be of interest to players of Sword Of Legends Online, and fans of that genre in general. The fact that the game looks as impressive as it does without major hardware requirements (it can be played on a phone) is also something people might want to take a look at. 

Cross-platform play is useful for playing with an eclectic group of friends and dedicated playgroups who strategically customize their characters to synergizes with their allies can easily steamroll less prepared players. 

While many players may dislike that there are only 4 classes in Mir4, the Spirit system (collectible monsters that aid you) is surprisingly robust. This in addition to the multiple ways players can build their character's stats and abilities does a fair job of making up for the seemingly limited choice in the initial classes.

With the Clan aspect in mind and the fact that the Darksteel resource is so useful for PvP—it’s easy to consider it a core part of the game. Smart and dedicated mining can yield Clans the right tools to win the most fights and it will only take running into a high-powered enemy end game clan to understand that strategic and consistent generation of resources is a significant part of the game.

Ultimately, Mir4 feels like a lifestyle mobile MMORPG. The players that will get the most enjoyment are the ones that really sink their teeth into the game. To most MMORPG fans, this may be precisely the type of endorsement they need, however, MIR4 simply isn't like most MMORPGs. The inclusion of the fungible token DRACO, in many ways, assures that the social dynamics and clan warfare at plan are oddly real.

A clanless Mir4 player without any resources is how everyone starts off and some players will be content to stay that way.  That being said, there are already players who are hard at work absolutely min-maxing the hell out of an MMORPG end-game that promises real-life cryptocurrency to the top dog.  To many MMORPG diehards, that novelty alone is too interesting to ignore, especially when in-game can lead real-life diamond hands.

For more information on tips for getting started, check out more Inven Global Mir4 coverage here!

MIR4 is now available to download on Android and IOS devices. This has been a WeMade sponsored article.

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