DWG KIA vs. T1: Scenes from the LCK Finals

The 2021 LCK Summer split came to its conclusion on Aug. 28, as DWG KIA defeated T1 3-1 in the grand finals. DK have locked in their spot at Worlds as LCK’s #1 seed team. Gen.G will be joining as #2 seed, and T1’s seeding at Worlds will be decided on Sep. 2. 


Due to the current restrictions set by COVID, all media coverage for the event was done online. However, through the small number of photographers selected within the LCK press circle, as well as through the lens of LCK’s official photographer, @Seregraphy, Inven Global is able to bring you some scenes from that day.


*All photos via LCK Flickr and LCK on-site media


The championship trophy was transported by security guards from ADT Caps
"Package secured."
"Carefully, until it gets into the hands of Riot Korea officials."
Mission complete!
LCK Global finals analyst desk!
From the left: Jeonghyun Lee & Atlus
LCK Korea's analyst desk!
Ms. Yoon Su-bin!
LCK Korea casters! (from the left: CloudTemplar, Caster Jun, and Kim Dong-jun)
LCK Global casters (from the left: Chronicler, Brendan Valdes, and Wolf)!
Selfie time w/ the GOAT, Faker!
ShowMaker looks like he just received his Sunmi buff
"Can we hurry up and win so I can go play Genshin?"
V for victory! (ft. Canna)
Let the finals!
In terms of viewership, this series broke records after records
After DWG KIA takes game 1,
DWG KIA takes game 2 to be up 2-0 against T1
So T1 decides to sub in Gumayusi
With Gumayusi, T1 puts one on the board for themselves!
"Great job Guma!"
However, DWG KIA closes out the series in game 4
And DWG KIA becomes your 2021 LCK Summer split champions!
Khan's last championship victory before he goes to serve in the military
Malrang & ShowMaker
Kkoma's 10th LCK championship victory!
And after the online press conference
The 2021 LCK Summer split came to its conclusion
Thanks Sunmi!

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