Super Smash Bros. Ultimate insider shuts down DLC rumors


A trusted Nintendo insider has shot down an alleged Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC leak. 


Per usual, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community has been investigating, looking for hints and clues that lead to the final DLC fighter. The stakes are higher than ever since this is allegedly the last character to be added to Smash's giant roster. 


A recent alleged leak hinted that the final DLC fighter will be purple. The community immediately started throwing around the name "Waluigi." This classic Nintendo character has been one of the most requested DLC fighters and inspired an abundance of memes soon after Ultimate's release. 


But Nintendo insider and leaker Samus Hunter immediately shot down the alleged leak. After looking at the file, Samus Hunter announced on Twitter that the color had nothing to do with the next higher and was instead a "standard setting" created for Nintendo's website. 



A lot of Super Smash Bros. fans were disappointed at the Waluigi rumor being debunked. Super Smash Bros. news has been quite dry recently and many were having fun speculating about the mysterious file. 


For now, nothing concrete has really been announced or spilled about the alleged final Smash DLC fighter. Fans have thrown around some speculations and theories (despite Sakurai begging these speculations to stop) but none of the rumors have any proof to back them up. This includes the recent theory that Doomguy is coming to Smash based on Sakurai's recent tweet. 


For now, Super Smash Bros. fans will have to wait for a Nintendo Direct announcing the final DLC. 

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