No, Doomguy is NOT the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter


Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai begged the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community to stop speculating who would be the last DLC. So naturally, Smash players have decided to start wildly speculating who the last DLC fighter will be.


In a recent interview, Sakurai opened up about the pressure he feels to not associate with other video games. Whenever he even MENTIONS another game, the Smash community starts taking it as a hint at the last DLC fighter.


"I can't make connections with other games or promote them," Sakurai admitted at the time. "If I connect with other games, people will think that game's character will be added."


And wouldn't you know, they've done it again! 


On August 23, Sakurai posted a photo of Ken sinking into lava. Before he succumbs to his demise, Ken gives a thumbs up. This is a reference to the classic sci-fi movie Terminator 2, where Arnold Schwarzenegger throws up a thumbs up before being sacrificed. 



This iconic scene has been parodied and referenced an abundance of times throughout pop culture. This includes in the popular video game, DOOM. The 2016 title has Doomguy submerge into lava if he stands in it too long. But before dying, he will give a thumbs up. 


So of course, Sakurai wasn't allowed to have fun with this photo. Instead, the Smash community immediately speculated that Doomguy was coming to Smash. Doomguy has actually been rumored for a while, fueled by Doom Eternal developers reaching out to Nintendo about adding the classic character. Other fans have felt it's strange that there are no DOOM references in Smash at all. Other Bethesda titles have in-game content.


So maybe the final DLC slot is finally time. 


But that's not all. Other Smash players theorized that a Fortnite or Among Us rep was coming to Smash. Both of these titles also have references to Terminator 2. 


But guess what? 






Why am I so confident? 


Well, Sakurai has almost NEVER hinted at the next Smash DLC. And the few times he has, this has just been fan theories. It was never confirmed that Sakurai EVER hinted at the upcoming DLC fighters thus far. So why would he start now? 


And second, Doomguy has been speculated for a while. And the Smash team has NEVER picked a character that fans heavily discuss. The developers clearly get off on surprising fans with unexpected picks that aren't on anyone's radar. 


In reality, it's impossible to know who the last Smash DLC fighter will be. I wouldn't know. You don't know. Your friend's uncle's dog's sitter's mother's friend's son's girlfriend's brother doesn't know. So STOP! Right now, the last DLC fighter is quite up in the air. While some people are coming up with wild speculations that include popular third-party games, others want Smash to go back to its "roots" with a Nintendo fighter. All I know is, almost none of you heathens are talking about Captain Toad so that means HE STILL HAS A GOOD CHANCE! 

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