DWG KIA becomes the second three-peat team in LCK history in win over T1

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DWG KIA has once again proved that they are the best team in LCK. 


On August 28, DWG KIA won the 2021 LCK Summer Playoffs finals, taking the series 3:1 against T1. With this victory, DWG KIA won three consecutive LCK Championships. In games 1 and 2, DWG KIA dominated the top and jungle. In game 4, they made a remarkable comeback to take the series.


In game 1, DWG KIA stepped towards victory by raising Kim "Khan" Dong-ha's Camile. Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu's Trundle successfully ganked the top lane, increasing the growth gap between the top laners. 26 minutes into the game, the top laners were three levels apart. T1 tried to shake the game through a teamfight. Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok tried his best to engage in a teamfight with Azir. However, DWG KIA knew how to seal a winning game. They pictured a scenario of hunting T1 within the nest of Baron Nashor. In the teamfight, Camile killed Park "Teddy" Jin-seong Ezreal, which was T1's core, to take the game.


Game 2 had the exact sametop lane match. This time, it seemed like the game was heading in a different direction, with Kim "Canna" Chang-dong taking three consecutive kills against DWG KIA's three top lane dives. However, DWG KIA's growth was focused on Olaf in game 2. Canyon's Olaf stayed close to Camile to take a kill, accelerating the growth speed and taking fight initiatives. In danger of loss, T1 attempted to make a comeback with Teddy's Vayne but failed with the burst kill on Baron Nashor. With Camile at the lead, DWG KIA sealed the game by killing each T1 player, starting with Faker's LeBlanc. With Olaf's 11-kill-performance, DWG KIA was ahead in the series 2:0.


Image source: LCK official Flickr


T1 started their comeback with a dominant win in game 3. Faker's Azir and Canna's Kennen led an aggressive fight to take the game rapidly. At the top lane,Canna's Kennen successfully endured a dive to accelerate his scaling speed. Azir and Kennen's AOE ults demolished the teamfight to finish game 3.


T1 also started game 4 with a lead. Canna's Gragas took priority in lane against Khan's Jayce. But DWG KIA's comeback was on point. They consistently killed Faker's Ryze to take the lead back. Meanwhile, ShowMaker's LeBlanc took 1,000th kill in the LCK and did not stop there. They ended T1's lead in a teamfight for Baron and finished the game by taking a Quadra to kill in a Dragon teamfight to take the series.


2021 LCK Summer Finals result

DWG KIA 3 - 1 T1

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