"I didn't do anything": Teeqo breaks silence on SaveTheKids scandal

Source: Teeqo

Six weeks after being indefinitely suspended from FaZe clan for his involvement in promoting the SaveTheKids cryptocurrency scandal, FaZe Teeqo has finally broken his silence in a video titled "My Truth." In the 17-minute video, Teeqo revealed the emotional consequences of getting kicked and expressed his innocence, explaining that while he did promote the coin, he genuinely believed in it and didn't sell off his tokens like the others did to make money. 

"I wish you guys knew how much this has affected me, even though I didn't do anything," Teeqo explained in the video. "I know damn well what I stand for and what I care about, and I can't believe people would think I would do this and not let people say my part, share my story. I wish you could see this from my eyes. I wish I could show you."


While Teeqo did put his face on the project and help promote the coin, the influencer was already cleared of dumping the token in an investigation of his crypto wallet conducted by CoffeeZilla and SomeOrdinaryGamer last month. 


"People decided for me, it's like I never got a chance to even say my part," Teeqo said. "When something like this happens and you are in the middle of it and your social says nothing but I hope you die, kill yourself,... all the shit.... It's not easy to just come out, even if you are innocent, to try to argue with people who are already looking for blood. . . regardless of what you have to say."


As has been suggested by internet investigators like Coffeezilla, Teeqo contended that he genuinely invested in the coin in the hopes of helping to stabilize it. He also claimed that believe in the charitable mission of the coin, even if in retrospect he should not have engaged with the project at all. While Teeqo argues he did not have ill-intentions, he still apologized for what he described as the "misstep" of getting involved in promoting the coin in the first place.


"I was watching the chart when it went live, I bought in more once it was live, and it crashed in front of my fucking eyes," Teeqo explained. "I shut my laptop, I laid in bed, and I got anxiety out of the f*cking roof. I never thought it would get to this extent and I would lose my life over this, but I sat there like "I did this" because my name is on this, my face is on this."


He continued, "I never worked on this coin, I never planned anything, I swear on my family. The only reason I was a part of it was because there was a charity aspect of it, and I understand now that was obviously a huge mistake, but from my perspective it was charity. I put my money in for liquidity to help stabilize it."


According to Teeqo, not only is he innocent, FaZe clan also had nothing to do with the scandal at all.


He stated, "I know how it feels to be a FaZe member, and one of our members does something, or something half attached to FaZe does something, and we get the blame. FaZe always gets the blame, FaZe is always the bad guy, like they were behind everything, like people aren't still individuals. . . I am innocent, but those people did nothing, they didn't even f*cking know about it until it hit the fan."


In the conclusion of Teeqo's apology video, he continued to express frustration at the gap between how he views himself and how he has been depicted by critics throughout the SaveTheKids scandal.


"I actually hate that I have to sit here and try to defend myself, who I am, and what I have done," he said. "I have literally been a donor monthly to the Save The Children charity. It's not a lot, but I pay every month and have for four or five years. I have never spoken about that. . . because I don't make videos about it, I don't make tweets about it, I am not trying to act like some good guy. I do sh*t because I want to f*cking do it."


Teeqo remains suspended from FaZe Clan along with Jarvis and Nikan, while FaZe Kay was cut from the org entirely over his involvement in the scam. Teeqo announced he would be stepping back from making content in July, but with today's video, he has confirmed he will be returning streaming soon.


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