[LPL] A preview of this split's finals? FPX defeats EDG 2-1 in the last match of the regular season

Image via @lplenglish on Twitter

The 2021 LPL Summer split came to an end on Aug 8. The very last match of the split was the clash between FPX and EDG, the top two teams of the league. FPX defeated EDG 2-1 and finished first in the league.


In game 1, Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang’s Irelia and Tian’s Lee Sin were the key players of the game that led FPX to close out the game in 25 minutes. FPX also had a solid early game priority in game 2 as well, but EDG maintained a global gold lead. In the bot lane teamfight at the 17 minute mark, Jiejie’s Diana ult was the game changer that they needed to expand their gold lead. Eventually, EDG was able to tie up the series, pushing it to game 3.


Game 3 was a very fast-paced game right from the get go. Park “Viper” Do-hyeon’s Kalista managed to get three kills in the bot lane, but FPX’s top side managed to scale well. Viper’s Kalista was not enough to stop FPX’s top side, as Doinb’s Sylas completely took over the game. Until the very end, FPX continued to take fights to EDG and took down their nexus in 27 minutes.


The 2021 LPL Summer split playoffs starts on Aug 12, with LNG facing off against Suning. The semi finals will take place on Aug 27 and 29 respectively, and the finals will take place in early September.


2021 LPL Summer split standings

Image screengrabbed via LPL broadcast

2021 LPL Summer split playoff schedule

Image screengrabbed via LPL broadcast

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