[Guide] Best raid counters, moves, and skillsets for Palkia in Pokemon GO

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As another legendary Dragon-type Pokemon, Palkia is a Pokemon that created space, according to Sinnoh myths. Palkia is a Dragon/Water-type Pokemon and therefore is strong against fire, steel, and water. Its max CP at Lv. 40 is 3991, slightly higher than that of Garchomp. Using all Dragon-type moves is recommended, but when you use Water-type charged moves, it's about as good as Gyarados.


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Since its first appearance in early 2019, Palkia has appeared recently in the Pokemon GO Fest 2021, and is appearing in the 5-star raids for Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space. Dragon/Water-type Pokemon can be countered with Dragons and Fairies. The best Pokemon to face Palkia is Rayquaza with Dragon Tail and Outrage. Another good choice is Palkia — yes, Palkia is strong against Palkia. Among the regular Pokemon, Salamence, Dragonite, and Gardevoir are strong.




Fast Move

Charged Move



Dragon Tail




Dragon Tail

Draco Meteor



Dragon Tail




Dragon Tail





Dazzling Gleam


Best moves for Palkia in Pokemon GO

The recommended moves for Salamence and Dragonite are the same. On paper, Dragon Tail has better DPS than Dragon Breath, but as the two moves aren’t that different, some people prefer Dragon Breath because of its fast attack speed. The best non-Dragon Pokemon to face Palkia is Shadow Gardevoir. With the additional Shadow boost, Gardevoir’s Fairy attacks are super effective against Palkia. Shadow Mewtwo and Togekiss are also decent picks as well.


The fast moves available for Palkia are Dragon Tail and Dragon Breath. Both are good — it’s just a matter of what you prefer, and as mentioned earlier, Dragon Tail has a slightly higher DPS. The four charged moves Palkia can learn are Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Draco Meteor, and Aqua Tail.


Since Palkia doesn’t have a Water-type fast move, it’s highly recommended that you use Palkia as a Dragon-type attacker. If you want to give it a Water-type move, you should add Hydro Pump as the secondary charged move. Fire Blast is also another decent choice as it can counter Steel Pokemon which resists Dragon-type attacks.


Weaknesses and counters to Palkia in Pokemon GO

Palkia is another Dragon that’s viable in the Master League. Although Dialga is quite strong as well, Palkia only has two weaknesses which are Dragon and Fairy. As the only Dragon-type Pokemon who have higher DPS than Palkia are Rayquaza and Salamence, Palkia can deal good damage in the fights. Unfortunately, Palkia is weak against Dragons. When you take Palkia in your deck, make sure you have an answer to Dragon-types.


The neverending events continue to come up in Pokemon GO. In the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space, some Pokemon that can be captured only in a specific region will be appearing. Make sure you catch’em all!

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