[Guide] Best moves and skillsets for Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise for Pokemon GO

For the last three weeks, Niantic gave us a chance to fully train the three Kanto starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. The spotlight hour featured these highly popular starter Pokemon over the past three weeks. Trainers around the world caught billions of them and earned more than enough candy to fully train them. The final evolution forms of the three Pokemon are Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, and here are the best skillsets for them.





Bulbasaur - Ivysaur - Venusaur

Best Fast Move: Vine Whip

Best Charged Move: Frenzy Plant (Elite TM) - Sludge Bomb


Venusaur was once considered the best grass-type attacker. However, as many of the PVE Pokemon counters Venusaur’s type, it has fallen from glory. The max CP for a 4-star IV Venusuar is 2,740 at Lv. 40, and 3,075 at Lv. 50. It may not be that useful in many raids, but it’s still worth collecting a mega-evolve form. In PVPs, Venusaur rises much higher. In the Great League, Venusaur is one of the best Grass Pokemon.


Frenzy Plant is Venusaur’s best charged move, but as it takes up an Elite TM, it could be replaced with Solar Beam or Sludge Bomb. Mostly, Sludge Bomb is selected for the secondary charged move.





Charmander - Charmeleon - Charizard

Best Fast Move: Fire Spin

Best Charged Move: Blast Burn (Elite TM), Dragon Claw


Charizard is a great fire-type attacker among the normal Pokemon. If you put the legendary Pokemon aside, Charizard is near the top of the list — plus it has two mega forms. The max CP for Charizard is 2,889 at Lv. 40 and 3,266 at Lv. 50. Charizard has two mega forms — Charizard X and Charizard Y. Charizard Y’s max CP is the highest among all Pokemon with 4,455 at Lv. 40.


Blast Burn is the best charged move for Charizard, but you also need to have an Elite TM to teach your Charizard Blast Burn. An alternative is Overheat. Dragon Claw is the most-used secondary charged move.





Squirtle - Wartortle - Blastoise

Best Fast Move: Water Gun

Best Charged Move: Hydro Cannon (Elite TM), Ice Beam


Blastoise’s max CP is quite low. It’s maxed at 2,466 at Lv. 40 and 2,788 at Lv. 50. Unfortunately, Blastoise isn’t very useful in most battles, but its mega form is something different. Mega Blastoise’s CP can get as high as 3,941 at Lv. 40 and 4,455 at Lv. 50, which positions it much higher in the tier list.


Blastoise’s best charged move is Hydro Cannon, a move that is known to be the strongest charged move in the game, but it also takes up an Elite TM. If your Blastoise has Hydro Cannon, you use it. If it doesn’t, it’s recommended that you don’t use Blastoise at all.




Niantic is continuing to give the users fun chances to collect their favorite Pokemon. Let’s keep going until we catch ’em all!


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