[Guide] Best raid counters, moves, and skillsets for Dialga in Pokemon GO

Source: Niantic


Dialga appeared for the first time in Pokemon GO in March of 2019. As a Dragon/Steel type Pokemon, its max CP at Lv.40 is 4,038 and 4,565 at Lv. 50 — tied for 1st among all dragon-type Pokemon. The biggest strength of Dialga is that as a dragon, it isn't countered by other dragons. This means that Dialga can be played as a viable attacker for most dragon raids.


After Pokemon GO Fest 2021, Dialga appeared in 5-star raids around the world — this time, with a chance to capture a shiny Dialga. To counter Dialga in raids, fighting-type Pokemon are used the most. The most effective Pokemon is Lucario that learned Counter and Aura Sphere. Conkeldurr and Breloom are also very effective with Counter and Dynamic Punch. 



Pokemon Type Fast Move Charged Move
Lucario Fighting/Steel Counter Aura Sphere
Conkeldurr Fighting Counter Dynamic Punch
Breloom Fighting/Grass Counter Dynamic Punch
Blaziken Fighting/Fire Counter Focus Blast
Landorus (Therian) Ground/Flying Mud Shot

Earth Power

Excadrill Ground/Steel Mud Shot Earthquake


Among the ground-type Pokemon, Landorus in its Therian form is very good. The skills for Landorus should be Mud Shot and Earthquake or Earth Power. Another good choice is Excadrill or Groudon. Overall, the fighting-type and ground-type Pokemon are the best choices to go up against Dialga.

If you've captured Dialga, you would need to set up the best skills for it. Dialga doesn't have that many moves and skills. As it only has two fast moves and three charged moves, it'll be easier to find the skills you want.



Dialga can learn either Dragon Breath or Metal Claw for its fast move. The charged moves are Iron Head, Thunder, and Draco Meteor. It depends on how you want to play your Dialga, but for the highest DPS, Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor is the best combination. If you learn Iron Head as your Dialga’s secondary charged move, there isn’t much more you need.


If you want your Dialga to be a Steel-type attacker, you should choose Metal Claw for its fast move. and go with Iron Head for the primary charged move. When trained to be a Steel-type attacker, the only Pokemon ahead of Dialga is Metagross.


Dialga is the master of the Master League. At the moment, the meta evolves around Dialga. If you want to compete in the Master League, make sure you prepare a counter for it.


So with the raids ongoing, more and more Pokemon should be registered in your Pokedex. This is a chance to catch a shiny Dialga. Did you catch' em all?


Source: Niantic

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