Seven great Hearthstone decks to play on day 1 of United in Stormwind

United in Stormwind launched on August 3. Many new archetypes have popped up on the first day of expansion with exciting new cards. Here, we gathered new archetypes you should try out to enjoy Stormwind. 


Quest Demon Hunter

▲ Source: Alex's Twitter

Deck Code: AAECAea5AwL39gPQ+QMO1tEDzNID+dUDx90D2d4D8+MD/e0D9fYDivcDi/cDsPkDv/kDxfkDtKAEAA==


The first featured deck is Quest Demon Hunter. Instead of playing Skull of Gul'dan, this list plays Final Showdown (Questline) and Glide to draw, reduce the cost of my hand, and interrupt your opponent's hand. Playing Lion's Frenzy allows semi-OTK combo damage to your opponent's face.


Jace Darkweaver Demon Hunter

▲ Source: Jambre's Twitter

Deck Code: AAECAea5AwKc7gON9wMO2cYDztID1d4D8+MD/e0DpvUDivcDi/cDjPcDmfkDgIUEtp8E1J8E7KAEAA==


The second featured deck is a Demon Hunter list with Jace Darkweaver, the legendary card Inven Global revealed! Jambre built a list that utilizes Fel spells, Jace Darkweaver, and Illidari Inquisitor to clear opponent's board and hit face at the same time.


Quest Druid

▲ Source: Gallon's Twitter



Third featured deck is Quest Druid. Gallon, a former Americas Grandmaster and current Hearthstone Associate Game Designer, shared a low curve Quest Druid list. This list utilizes cards like Mark of the Spikeshell and Northshire Farmer to copy the Lost in the Park (Questline) reward to play it a several times to gain a massive amount of armor and deal the same amount of damage to your opponent.


Quest Mage

▲ Source: Orange's Twitter

Deck Code: AAECAf0EAuj3A8OgBA7BuAPHzgPNzgP30QOF5APU6gPQ7APR7AOn9wOu9wOy9wP0/AP8ngSgoAQA\


The fourth featured deck and also the most popular deck currently on Day 1 is Quest Mage. Surprisingly, Sorcerer's Gambit (Questline) turns out to be easy to finish and has the most powerful reward. Ignite and Cram Session allows Mage to deal infinite amount of burn damage to the face. 


Quest Rogue

▲ Source: Casie's Twitter

Deck Code: AAECAaIHAsPhA6b5Aw65uAPPuQOqywPf3QPn3QPz3QOq6wOf9AOh9AOi9AOj9QOm9QP1nwT2nwQA


The fifth featured deck is a (new) Quest Rogue! Unlike the old infamous (The Caverns Below) Quest Rogue, the new Quest Rogue has some interesting SI:7 and Spy Gizmo interactions. Find the Imposter (Questline) is easy to finish because this list runs 12 copies of SI:7 cards.


Garrote Rogue

▲ Source: Feno's Twitter

Deck Code:  AAECAaIHBOC+A+LdA+fdA+v2Aw3HzgOq6wOr6wOu6wP+7gPT8wOO9AOh9AORnwSUnwT2nwT3nwSgoAQA


The sixth featured deck is Garrote Rogue. The logic behind this deck is fairly simple. Prepare to cheat mana with Efficient Octo-bot, Sketch Information, and Loan Shark. Draw those minions and Gadgetzan Auctioneer with Swindle/Shroud of Concealment. When ready, use Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Ethereal Augmerchant, Garrote and other burn damage spells to kill your opponent in one turn.


Quest Warlock

▲ Source: XiaoT's Twitter



The last featured deck is Quest Warlock. With Darkglare, Runed Mithril Rod, and Stealer of Souls, Warlock can now cheat out infinite mana. With the Demon Seed (Questline), Warlock can complete the whole quest, draw the whole deck, and kill the opponent in the same turn.


This is it for our Day 1 new decks guide. There are many new archetypes and also old archetypes with a few new cards added, like OTK Lifesteal Demon Hunter and Elemental Shaman. Stay tuned for a meta summary with more detailed explanation and statistics at the end of this week.

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