xQc interviews shameless stream sniping hacker

Source: xQc

xQc interviewed a stream sniper hacker who goes by [xQcOW]ReportMeIHack after being eliminated by the shameless cheater. The interview which took place during his Tuesday stream was rather rudimentary since the hacker could hear xQc's questions via his stream, but had to find round-about in-game forms of communication to respond.



Among the things xQc was able to ascertain was that the hacker hasn't been permanently banned, despite cheating very obviously and admitting to hacking in their gamertag. According to the hacker, he only receives 2-hour bans when he does receive bans. He also bought his hacks for only $20 which included unlimited unlocks as well. The hacker also said that he uses a VPN spoof to avoid any machine or IP bans.



I set to find out how easy it is to cheat in Warzone — and it’s depressing


xQc was clearly frustrated after being killed, and chose to watch the hacker after reporting him, calling him a "degenerate" and a "loser".  During the watch-through, xQc explained some of the hacking gameplay for his audience. While a few of them were self-evident like wallhacks and auto-aim, xQc also explained the magic bullet hack that helps make it look like your aim was on point, when it wasn't. This hack is also sometimes called silent aim.


Pressing past his frustration and anger, xQc managed to acquire some information about the hacker's experience with "anti-cheat" systems that have been widely under fire from the Warzone community. The hacker answered questions by either confirming by nodding yes or no, or writing words on walls with bullets.



Could this undetectable hack be the end of online competitive FPS?


The cheating problem in Warzone continues to get worse, to the point that major streamer Dr. Disrespect uninstalled the game entirely. Some streamers have even been found hacking themselves during major tournaments, with 75k Twitch Rivals tournament being forced to reset last week after its private lobby had hackers in it. 


xQc's interview with the hacker appeared to driven more out of frustration than anything, a frustration that is felt by the entire Warzone community.



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