[LCK Today] DRX becomes fastest team in LCK history to lock in last place


On July 29, in the 2021 LCK Summer Split, Afreeca Freecs took down DWG KIA and Hanwha Life Esports swept DRX. Afreeca Freecs mid laner Song “Fly” Yong-jun collected his 1,000th LCK kill, and Hanwha Life Esports mid laner Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon proved why his nickname is “CHOOOOVYYYY”.


Afreeca Freecs finished the difficult series against T1, Gen.G, and DWG KIA with a 2-1 record. If they were to lose the match against DWG KIA today, they would have been in a critical situation in reaching the playoffs. However, Afreeca Freecs showed their determination by coming back in games 2 and 3.


Despite their loss in the first game, Afreeca Freecs showed what they were capable of in the latter games. DWG KIA shook Afreeca Freecs here and there, but Afreeca Freecs didn’t fall. In the third game, they collected the dragon stacks well and won the most important teamfight through it. During the match, Fly collected his 1,000th kill in the LCK. 



The second match was between Hanwha Life Esports and DRX, and Chovy won the match. It was his Sylas again, which was undefeated this season. In the two games, Chovy’s Sylas collected 12 kills and 8 assists while dying only 3 times. Especially in the second game, Chovy collected 5 kills up to the 10-minute mark. Through the win, Hanwha Life Esports collected their 6th win of the season and stepped up to 7th place in the standings.


After just 14 matches played, DRX became the fastest team in LCK history to lock in a last-place finish. The final straw was a 0-2 loss to Hanwha Life Esports on July 29, which put DRX at 1-13 and no chance of overcoming Brion Esports (currently 9th at 5-9) in the remaining four matches. The previous record for fastest last place was a tie between 2015 SBENU Sonic Boom and 2019 Jin Air Green Wings, who made the grim record in 15 matches.




2021 LCK Summer Split July 29 Results


Afreeca Freecs 2 - 1 DWG KIA

Hanwha Life Esports 2 - 0 DRX


2021 LCK Summer Split Standings


1st Nongshim RedForce 10-3 (+10)

2nd Gen.G 9-4 (+6)

3rd Liiv SANDBOX 8-5 (+4)

4th DWG KIA 8-6 (+7)

5th T1 8-6 (+4)

6th Afreeca Freecs 8-6 (0)

7th Hanwha Life Esports 6-8 (-6)

8th kt Rolster 5-8 (-1)

9th Fredit BRION 5-9 (-3)

10th DRX 1-13 (-21)

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