[Diablo III] Season 24 Followers guide: Which follower, skills, and gear to choose


The big update for Season 23 was a change to the Follower’s equipment system. The number of total equipment slots for the Followers increased to 14 and a new feature called “Emanate” was introduced. Items with Emanate effects will let the players gain the effect when their followers equip them. 


With these changes, farming items for the Followers became very important. Players who return to or are just now starting to play Diablo 3 this season may not know this. This guide will cover the items you need for your Followers, as well as recommend which Follower to choose for each situation.


1. Which Follower to choose in Season 24?

"Which Follower is the best?" is the first question we have to answer. There are three Followers to choose from: The Templar, the Enchantress, and the Scoundrel.


The first thing to know is that the Followers can help significantly for both farming and Greater Rifts but they need different item set-ups for each. Furthermore, the armory does not save your Follower’s equipment so the simple solution is to hire two different Followers, one for each setup. 


Out of the three available Followers, Scoundrel is usually left unpicked. Many players tend to use Enchantress for Greater Rifts and Templar for farming. Although you can choose any of the three for any role, this article will assume that you will use Enchantress and Templar for consistency.


2. Choose Templar for farming

Example of Templar equipment


Before Season 23, players had to equip the Sage's Journey set on their own characters in order to farm Death's Breaths. With the Followers patch, the Templar can help you do that instead. To make it even better, he can wear the Cain's Destiny set for a 25% chance to get an extra Greater Rift Keystone. Other key items like Nemesis Bracers and the Flavor of Time became items with Emanate effects.


There are several different combinations of items. Given that there are too many different options to list all, we will show a representative example.


2.1. Weapon and Shield for the Templar

Freeze of Deflection


Eun-jang-do and Freeze of Deflection allow Templar to freeze the monsters. Given that the player deals most of the damage, having the Follower take the crowd control (CC) role is key.


2.2 Rings for the Templar

Ring of Royal Grandeur
Avarice Band


Ring of Royal Grandeur is a must for this setup because you need the 3-set bonuses for both Sage and Cain. Avarice Band helps with farming speed runs.


2.3. Sage's Journey for Death's Breath farm

Sage's Ribbon
Sage's Passage


With two Sage's Journey set items and a Ring of Royal Grandeur, your Death's Breath drops will be increased by 100%.


2.4. Cain's Destiny for GR Keystones

Cain's Insight
Cain's Habit


With two Cain's Destiny set items and Ring of Royal Grandeur, you will get an extra Greater Rift Keystone by 25% chance.


2.5. The rest of the gear for the Templar

Gold Skin
Spaulders of Zakara
Gloves of Worship
Nemesis Bracers
The Flavor of Time


These are the items for the remaining five slots. Gold Skin allows you to earn more gold. Spaulder of Zakara allows the players to not worry about repairing equipment. Gloves of Worship, Nemesis Bracers, and the Flavor of Time help Nephalems Rift runs by taking advantage of Shrines.


2.6. Relic choice for the Templar

"Your follower cannot die" is the key option


For Relic, you want the "Your follower cannot die" option to always keep the Templar alive. Note that when the Templar is not alive, none of the Emanate effects will trigger. 


2.7. Jewels for the Templar

Flawless Royal Ruby
Flawless Royal Diamond


Jewels are fairly simple. For Helm, use a Diamond for cooldown reduction. For every other slot, use Rubys to increase Strength.


2.8. Templar skill build

Recommended skills for Templar

3. Choose Enchantress for Greater Rifts

Example of Enchantress equipment


The Greater Rift setup for Enchantress shares a few core items with the Templar, but there are also a few different items and Jewels. Note that the Attack Speed buff is the most wanted option for Enchantress.

3.1. Weapon for the Enchantress



Eun-jang-do is great for Enchantress, too. However, Enchantress can't use off-hand equipment. Therefore, Freeze of Deflection is only for Templar.

3.2. Rings for the Enchantress

Oculus Ring
Krede's Flame


Ring of Royal Grandeur is not needed for this setup because 3-set bonuses of Sage or Cain are not needed. Oculus Ring, which has been a popular pick even before Season 23, is still a good fit. Krede's Flame now has Emanate effect, which makes it a good second ring.


Unity could replace Krede's Flame depending on the player's character and build.


3.3. Cain's Destiny for Increased Attack Speed

Cain's Habit
Cain's Travelers


For Greater Rift, the 3-set bonus for Cain's Destiny is not needed. However, the 2-set bonus includes +8% increased Attack Speed, which is important for the Followers. Therefore, two Cain's Destiny items without Ring of Royal Grandeur is great for Enchantress.


3.4. Bracers and Neck for the Enchantress

Nemesis Bracers
The Flavor of Time


Nemesis Bracers and the Flavor of Time are also used for Enchantress. Shrine bonuses are amazing for Greater Rifts, too. Gloves of Worship is not in this setup because its effect does not work in Greater Rift.

3.5. The rest of the gear for the Enchantress

Blind Faith
Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit
Homing Pads
Cord of the Sherma


Blind Faith, Frostburn, and Cord of the Sherma help by freezing and blinding the monsters. Homing Pads makes Town Portal an extra defensive skill in Greater Rifts. Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit is great without any set bonuses because it has Attack Speed buff on its own.


3.6. Relic for the Enchantress

"Gain access to all skills" is the key option


  1. Unlike Templar, "Gain access to all skills" is a better option for Enchantress. Using all eight Enchantress skills helps a lot with defensive options.


3.7. Jewels for the Enchantress

Flawless Royal Topaz
Flawless Royal Ruby


Jewels are also different for  the Enchantress. For Helm, Ruby is used for Experience buff. Later in the game, Paragon level becomes a great stat buff for the character. Long-term-wise, Ruby's Experience buff will stack up to be a significant power buff for your character. In other gear, use Topaz for Intelligence.


3.8. Enchantress skill build

Recommended skills for Enchantress

Skill choices won't matter for Enchantress if she equips a Relic with "Gain access to all skills". If not, use Temporal Pulse, Prophetic Harmony, Erosion, and Fate's Lapse


4. The Followers need 25,000 Primary Attribute!

25,000 Intelligence is needed, but only about 80% is filled


The Follower's skill power levels depend on the amount of the Follower's Primary Attribute. The skills become more powerful until the Primary Attribute (Strength for Templar, Dexterity for Scoundrel, Intelligence for Enchantress) hits 25,000.


Freeze of Deflection is for my Templar... So where is my Strength?!


One problem you could face is your character having a different Main Attribute from your Follower. Especially if you use two different followers, dealing with two different Main Attributes is unavoidable. For example, Freeze of Deflection in the image above has Dexterity because it is dropped for a Demon Hunter character, which uses Dexterity as the Main Attribute.


Luckily, there is an easy solution to this. Create a new character with the different Main Attribute you need and use Enchant on the equipment with the new character to get a new Attribute. There is no need for leveling a new character. Go to any town with a level 1 character, move the desired equipment through the stash, and Enchant it.


There is the Strength I needed!


This concludes Season 24 Followers Setup Guide. Enjoy destroying the monsters with your trustworthy Followers!

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