Twitch Rivals resets EU Warzone tournament after hackers ruin matches

Source: Twitch

After receiving backlash for their failure to reset matches after hackers invaded the $75,000 Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown on Tuesday, Twitch Rivals staff reversed their initial decision and decided to scrap the first half of the event and do a full reset with only four games remaining.  



The decision to reset the tournament comes after multiple streamers, including most notably Fifakill, called for the event to do something about the alleged hackers who were participating in the event. One of the accused hackers, who goes by Davskar, is a Twitch partner and was streaming themselves using hacks during the competition. He has since been removed from the tournament and his Twitch channel has been banned.



Initially, administrators refused to reset the games and allowed the alleged cheating streamers in question to continue playing. That decision led to some major backlash from competitors and fans alike, who saw the decision as a direct affront to the competitive integrity of the Twitch Rivals event. 




The cheating witnessed in this competitive event is an extension of the wide-ranging issue of cheaters in Warzone, and FPS titles more broadly. Based on an analysis of the Warzone Subreddit conducted by Inven Global, 50% of the past week's top posts were about the cheating problem, with 45% of all posts from just Monday focusing on cheats in the game.



I set to find out how easy it is to cheat in Warzone — and it’s depressing


While Raven Software did recently announce a ban wave in Warzone, that has done next to nothing to stem the tide of cheaters overrunning the game.  Tuesday's tournament scandal showed that even competitive events featuring public-facing streamers and large prize pools are still not immune from the effects of Warzone cheating epidemic.

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