Best Modern Warfare MP5 loadout in Warzone season 4

Source: Activision

Ever since Raven Software nuked the meta earlier this week, Warzone players have been looking for the very best new weapons to try, with one of the most interesting weapons being the Modern Warfare MP5 SMG. While this gun has been in the game since the start and has never fully fallen out of the meta, the nerfs to all of the other SMGs around it has left the MP5 as one of the strongest weapons you can run in Warzone today.


Here is the strongest meta loadout for the Modern Warfare MP5 in Warzone Season 4.


Overview to the Modern Warfare MP5

The Modern Warfare MP5 features a Max damage of 34 and minimum damage of 22 to the body. When those damage stats are combined with its 800 RPM fire rate, the MP5 has a realistic time to kill of just over a half-second in close range and a time to kill around 800 MS at its maximum range. Of course, since it's an SMG, the primary focus here is on its very fast close range time to kill, which is quite competitive, especially in the wake of the TTK nerfs that went out for weapons like the LC10, Mac-10, and Fennec.


An underrated aspect of this weapon is how fun and easy it is to use. While there might be some weapons with a faster time-to-kill, very few will be as intuitive and satisfying as the MP5. The loadout we put together puts a premium on run-and-gun mechanics, maximizing your speed, ADS time, and mobility to help you get up into people's faces and surprise them with your well-optimized machine of death.


Best attachments for the Modern Warfare MP5

  • Monolithic integral suppressor
  • Commando foregrip
  • 45 Round Magazine
  • FTAC Collapsible Stock
  • High visibility optic

Monolithic Integral Suppressor

It's no secret that suppressed weapons offer a big advantage over non-suppressed weapons in Warzone. This is particularly true for a run-and-gun setup like this one, which is focused on quick, stealthy attacks and high mobility plays. The suppressor is definitely the way to go for the Modern Warfare MP5.


Commando Foregrip

One of the bigger challenges with the Modern Warfare MP5 is controlling its significant side-to-side recoil. While this isn't the end of the world for a close-range weapon like this, it is still advantageous to help eliminate some of those handling difficulties using the commando foregrip. Since this foregrip will increase your handling of this gun, it will also improve your odds in medium-range fights. 


45 Round Magazine

While you can probably switch out the commando foregrip with a different option, or put on a different stock, the 45 Round extended magazine is an absolute must on this gun. The extended magazine is without a doubt a game-changer that will enable you to take our multiple opponents with a single magazine at short range. Alongside the commando foregrip, it will also help extend your effectiveness at medium-range since you will have more total bullets to sling downrange before having to reload.


FTAC Collapsible Stock

The FTAC Collapsible Stock is actually a really great option for this speed-focused setup since it will both increase your base movement speed and increase your ADS speed. Since this setup is not built with hip fire encounters in mind, your ADS speed is your bread and butter. So this stock is the perfect addition to this run-and-gun MP5 loadout.


High visibility optic

The iron sites on the MP5 are surprisingly good, so you don't have to run an optic if you don't want. Some people prefer to put a tactical laser on, or something else to help boost your mobility or handling. For me personally, though, I prefer to have a holographic or red dot sight, since they improve the overall visibility while shooting this weapon. Especially given how much this loadout is relying on your sights, I think it makes sense to select a reflex sight or something else along those lines.


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