Warzone introduces 40+ weapon balance changes in largest balance update ever

The Warzone Season 4 reloaded patch dropped today, and with it the developers introduced a large number of changes to a variety of weapons. The changes were made with the intention of increasing the overall time to kill across the board.


The update, which focused primarily on balancing ARs, SMGs, and LMGS, affected over 40 weapons, making it the largest balance update in Warzone history.


"The following changes are our first major step towards increasing the average Time-to-Kill within Warzone," the developers explained in the Season 4 Reloaded patch notes. "Torso Multipliers were a considerable focus of these changes with how often they would act as flat damage increases given how consistently that location could be hit. With reductions to these multipliers, we are placing a bigger emphasis on precision — a move which we feel is ultimately healthy for the game."


They concluded, "We will be closely monitoring Weapon performance to ensure the game is in a healthy state following the biggest balance update in the history of Warzone."


Biggest changes in the new Weapon Balance update

Three of the most notable assault rifle changes were the damage nerfs for the FARA 83, C58, and the FFAR 1 assault rifles. All three rifles have been in the meta throughout Season 4.


The FARA had its maximum damage decreased from 31 to 29 and its recoil increased. The C58 had its headshot and torso multiplier decreased, and its recoil increased. The FFAR 1 took lost 2 points of damage for both its maximum damage and its minimum damage. The FFAR also had its maximum damage ranged decreased by a full 20%, which is significant.


Other popular rifles like the XM4 and the Groza received a similar treatment, losing power to damage range, multipliers, and base damage. A very few rifles like the Krig, M13, and the QBZ received minor buffs designed to bring make them somewhat more viable.


ARs were the largest affected category of weapons, but there were also numerous nerfs to SMGs, including the Mac-10, Fennec, and LC10.


The Mac-10 and the Fennec had their minimum and maximum damage stats reduced by one point each. The LC-10 received a more thorough nerf, losing three points of maximum damage, one point of minimum damage, and having its headshot multiplier decreased slightly. Other popular options like the AK74u and the Milano 821 also took big hits to their stats, with the Milano having its damage at range targetted.


Several LMGs also were balanced, with the MG 34 losing damage stats, while the M60 and Light Machine Gun Alpha saw their damage improved slightly. Most LMGs likely remain unviable.


Three tactical rifles saw their headshot multipliers reduced.


For a full description of the changes for each weapon, check out the full Warzone Season 4 Reloaded patch notes

Assault Rifles balance changes in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

Assault Rifle Nerfs

  •  AK-47 (MW and BOCW) 
  •  C58
  •  Assault rifle bravo
  •  FARA 83
  •  FFAR 1
  •  Assault Rifle Golf
  •  Groza
  •  XM4 
  • RAM-7
  •  Oden


Assault Rifle Buffs 

  • CR-56 AMAX 
  • Grau 5.56
  • Krig 6
  • M13
  • QBZ-83

Submachine balance gun changes in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

SMG Nerfs

  •  AK-74u
  •  Bullfrog
  •  KSP-45
  •  LC10
  •  Mac-10
  •  Milano 821
  •  Nail Gun
  •  PPSh-41
  • Fennec

SMG buffs

  • ▲ Submachine gun Alpha
  • ▲ Sub Machine Gun Echo
  • ▲ Submachine gun Delta
  • ▲ ISO


LMG balance changes in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

LMG Nerfs

  •  MG 34
  •  MG 82
  • SA87
  •  Light Machine Gun Alpha

LMG Buffs

  • ▲ M60
  • ▲ Light Machine Gun Alpha


Given the new changes, it will be interesting to see if new top-tier weapon challengers emerge in the ever-evolving Warzone gun meta.

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