The game-breaking invisibility glitch returns to Warzone after latest patch

Source: Activision

The invisibility glitch appears to have returned to Warzone servers following Thursday's Season 4 update. Players are reporting being killed by other players who clearly invisible based on the kill cam footage. In addition to being invisible, similar exploits in the past have made players impervious to many types of damage.


The game-ruining invisibility glitch has popped up here and there since late 2020. In the past, the glitch was related to exploiting an attack helicopter in a particular way. The glitch has since been reported multiple times in Season 4, so it is unclear if the latest instances of the glitch are directly related to the new update, or if this is a continuation of an issue that existed before the update. 



The invisibility glitch is just one of the many game-breaking issues that the Warzone community is facing. Over the past few weeks, Raven Software has faced a lot of frustrated feedback from players who are consistently encountering cheaters and exploiters in their matches. Many players have criticized the developers for their failure to prevent cheaters and exploiters from ruining their matches. 


As of writing this article, Raven Software has not commented on the new reports of the invisibility glitch.

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