Sakurai reveals future of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Mashiro Sakurai has confirmed that the next two DLC fighters are the last. 


In Sakurai's latest column on Famitsu, Sakurai decided to offer some cryptic information about the future of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its mystery fighters. Thanks to a translation by Localization Editor Robert Sephazon, here is what we know about the state of the game. 


1. Double DLC fighter announcement


Sakurai wrote in his column that the final two DLC characters may be announced at the same time. Of course, readers weren't given much more than this, meaning the two remaining fighters could be announced together. Or not. 



2. DLC fighter announcement is soon


Sakurai then revealed that the announcement is coming "quite soon." But, unsurprisingly, Sakurai didn't specify when. Of course, most Smash Bros. fans are speculating that the fighter (or fighters) reveal will happen at E3 in June. This would coincide with Sakurai's latest blog announcement as well. 



3. Both DLC fighters will be released in 2021


Even if the two fighters aren't showcased at E3, it will most likely be soon after. That's because Sakurai wrote that both DLC fighters will be playable in 2021. It's not known if both fighters will become available at the same time or if the characters will be dropped into Smash over time. 


4. These are the last DLC fighters being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


There were rumors floating around for a while that hinted at the possibility of another fighter pass once the two remaining fighters in the current pass were dropped. But Sakurai shut down this hopeful concept in his blog, stating that the two DLC fighters being released this year will be the last. 


5. After that, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster will be complete


Sakurai stated that the game would be "finalized" after the two remaining DLC fighters are added to the game. While it's unclear what this truly means in total, it can be assumed that no more fighters will join the roster. It could also mean that Sakurai will be done adding content (like maps and Mii skins) to the game in general. Fans are already hoping that this doesn't mean balance patches will stop. 


Source: Daniel Cortes


6. But Sakurai will not rest


The Super Smash Bros. community has been concerned with Sakurai's health and lack of sleep for years. And it seemed like Sakurai might retire after "finalizing" Ultimate. But Sakurai wrote in the column that he would not be quitting game-related work after developments wrap up — and he will continue to work hard. 

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