FaZe Kay threatens to sue Coffeezilla for "millions of dollars" for exposing SaveTheKids scandal

Source: Cofeezilla

Ex-FaZe Clan member Kay sent a cease and desist letter to YouTuber and journalist Coffeezilla on Tuesday, demanding he take down the videos in which he exposed Kay and other members of FaZe Clan for promoting and allegedly benefiting from the SaveTheKids pump-and-dump crypto scheme. In the letter, Kay and his lawyers accused Coffeezilla for defamation, extortion, and "threatening communications."


Should Coffeezilla not comply, the letter indicates that Kay plans to sue him for "Millions of dollars" in lost revenue.



"The lawsuit will seek compensatory and punitive damages for, among other causes of action, defamation and intentional interference with contract and prospective economic advantages," Kay's lawyers stated in the letter.  "Among other damages, your false statements have caused FaZe to terminate Mr. Khattri's relationship with it and Mr. Khattri may, as a result, lose millions of dollars in revenue, not to mention the reputational damage that you have already caused."


In response to the threat of lawsuit, Coffeezilla announced that he will not be deleting any videos. Instead, he responded to the letter point-by-point in a video and then shared further evidence against FaZe kay.


"Apparently I am getting sued for millions of dollars," Coffeezilla said on Tuesday. "My conscience is clean, I will happily fight this in court. . . This lawsuit is a tactic to silence the new evidence that is coming out about Kay. He knows the kinds of things I have on him, and he knows it because I have been asking him for comment and he hasn't been responding. Apparently he has been prepping his lawyers to come at me instead."



Coffeezilla was one of the journalists who broke the SaveTheKids pump and dump scandal, along side SomeOrdinaryGamer. After he revealed the scheme, FaZe Clan kicked Kay and suspended Jarvis, Teeqo, and Nikan.


Coffeezilla and SomeOrdinaryGamer once again worked together to clear Teeqo's name earlier this week, revealing the Teeqo did not sell any of these tokens that he acquired during the presale based on an analysis of his crypto wallet. 


Kay's cease and desist letter comes three days after he released a two-minute statement, in which he did not apologize and instead attempted to blame a person he would not name for the entire scandal. Kay did not present any evidence that would exonerate him in that video.

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