GEN Rascal: “AF and Kiin seem the most dangerous, and I’m looking forward to playing against them.”


On June 24, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, Gen.G defeated Liiv SANDBOX 2-1 and continued their winning streak. With today’s win, they remain undefeated at 5-0. After the match, Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee joined the media to talk about today’s game.

It was an exciting game.


I’m very happy that we won. When the matches were played online, it was hard to feel this excitement. I feel so good today.  This is the reason I’m a pro player. It’s the first time I’m this excited since we beat T1 in an offline match against T1.


You played Lee Sin three times today.


The draft naturally went that way. The opponent tended to gank top often, so I picked a champion that could survive and scale well. In the game, I think Renekton is a bit ahead in terms of the team game, but the synergy with the jungle and mid is also important. That was alright for us.


Game 3 was a struggle, but you turned the game around with one teamfight.


We did think that we would be able to win, but we were behind a lot, so we thought we needed some time. Also, the opponent didn’t snowball fast enough when they were ahead, so we earned that time.


How’s the team and your form different from the spring season?


Our synergy has improved much more than in spring. I think our teamwork improved a lot. Our coaching staff also emphasizes the importance of teamwork. As for myself, I think I’m improving as well. I’ve been doing what I need to do in my standards.


Which team are you looking out for the most?


Afreeca Freecs and Kiin seem the most dangerous, and I’m looking forward to playing against them. They’re in a good form, and Kiin is a great player, so I’ll need to do well against him.


Would you like to leave any comments to your teammates?


We’ve been together for almost two years. Although I’m the oldest, sometimes I don’t act like it. [Laughs] Thank you for understanding me. Let’s do well so that we could finally win the championship this summer. Also, thank you to the coaching staff for keeping me in place whenever I was struggling.

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