[LCK Today] GEN still undefeated, NS defeats T1 after 70-min game, Peanut collects his 1,000th kill


On June 24, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, Liiv SANDBOX faced Gen.G and T1 faced Nongshim RedForce. Gen.G defeated Liiv SANDBOX with the biggest turnaround this season while Nongshim RedForce swept T1 in the longest LCK game of the season.


The first match of the day was between Liiv SANDBOX and Gen.G. The first game was taken by Liiv SANDBOX, proving that their good record this season wasn’t out of luck. Lee “Effort” Sang-ho’s Leona was at the right place at the right time throughout the game and was voted as the Player of the Game.



Gen.G struck back in the second game as well. They selected the red side again. Early in the game, Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee’s Lee Sin collected three kills around the scuttle crab. From that point, it was Gen.G all the way. It only took 24 minutes for Gen.G to destroy Liiv SANDBOX’s Nexus.


Game 3 was the biggest turnaround this season. Liiv SANDBOX was ahead in most of the game. They were ahead by more than 5K gold when they destroyed the first bot lane turret. As Liiv SANDBOX won the teamfight around the dragon, they collected the Cloud Dragon's soul and Baron as well. It seemed that Liiv SANDBOX would secure the win. However, Gen.G still believed they could win. With a fantastic engagement onto Liiv SANDBOX, Gen.G picked off four champions and collected both Elder Dragon and Baron buffs. With the buff advantage, Gen.G closed the game and continued their winning streak.



The second match was between T1 and Nongshim RedForce. From the first game, the two teams went on for 70 minutes. A total of 6 barons and 4 elders were slew and Park "Teddy" Jin-seong's Senna collected more than 270 souls. The two teams each collected more than 100K gold. In the end, it was Nongshim RedForce who collected the win. After destroying three inhibitors, they marched in with the Baron buff and finished the game. This game was the longest LCK game since the 94-minute game between SK Telecom T1 and Jin Air Green Wings back in the 2018 LCK Spring Split.


Nongshim RedForce had a good start in game 2 again. Lee “Rich” Jae-won picked off a solo-kill and the game seemed to go in Nongshim RedForce’s way, but after a big teamfight win from T1 around the mid lane, the game was turned around. However, Nongshim RedForce took the win at the next dragon fight. Han “Peanut” Wang-ho collected his 1,000th kill in the LCK in this fight. After this point, Nongshim RedForce didn’t allow any more turnarounds.



2021 LCK Summer Split June 24 Results


Liiv SANDBOX 1 : 2 Gen.G

T1 0 : 2 Nongshim RedForce


2021 LCK Summer Split Standings


1st Gen.G 5-0 (+6)

2nd Afreeca Freecs 4-1 (+4)

2nd Nongshim RedForce 4-1 (+4)

4th DWG KIA 3-2 (+2)

5th Liiv SANDBOX 2-3 (0)

6th T1 2-3 (-1)

6th Fredit BRION 2-3 (-1)

8th kt Rolster 1-3 (-1)

9th Hanwha Life Esports 1-4 (-7)

10th DRX 0-4 (-6)

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