Hax$ bans himself from Smash, calls for iBDW to be banned as well

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Hax and iBDW concluded their Smash civil war on Wednesday, with each releasing a Twitlonger explaining themselves and requesting the Smash community's judgement. Hax released his statement first, in which he both apologized for how he handled his Leffen accusations (while standing by them) and addressed his beef with iBDW that got him banned from the Melee Online Discord this past week. 


As part of his apology, Hax called for his own ban for what he admitted were inappropriate comments about iBDW's past abuse. Hax also called for the community to consider a ban against iBDW, due to allegations of misconduct that Hax laid out during his long Twitlonger. After Hax published his statement, iBDW published a rebuttal of the apology from Hax.


Hax$ "apologizes" for Evidence.zip 2 video

Hax opened his Wednesday Twitlonger by quickly apologizing to the Smash community for how he presented his conspiracy laden evidence.zip 2 video that targeted Leffen earlier this month. That video landed him in hot water with the smash community and led to the organizers of Smash Summit 11 banning him from their tournament.


Hax did not, however, apologize for the accusations he made against Leffen. In fact, he doubled down on them multiple times during his statement. He only apologized for the confusing and "overly analytical" way in which he presented the evidence.


"I maintain that all of Evidence.zip 2’s controversial aspects had merit to them, but at the end of the day if I’m coming across as a crazed conspiracy theorist, then that’s a failure on my end," the player stated. "I should have kept to the facts, as the facts were very damning and I could have simply crafted a strong case around them. Because of my presentation, a lot of the facts that came later on in the video were discarded and the case against Leffen became “tainted.”

Hax$ "apologizes" for and addresses iBDW's accusations against him

The second half of Hax Twitlonger was dedicated to addressing the iBDW situation that arose earlier this week.


iBDW published several Tweets on Monday in which he accused Hax of making fun of iBDW's story of abuse and claiming that iBDW faked that story of abuse as well. Following iBDW's claim, Hax was indefinitely banned from the Melee Online Discord community.



"there is something I must apologize to [iBDW] (and ban myself) for," Hax wrote. "However, I must be clear that the narrative he is currently spinning is dishonest in several ways (some intentional, some unintentional). I maintain that because of the way he’s chosen to handle this, a ban may be in order for him as well."


According to Hax, while the screenshots showing him mocking iBDW's story of abuse are real, they don't provide the whole context.


Hax explained, "iBDW tried to go for broke by guilt-tripping me with a story in which he embellished key details. The idea here was that by guilt-tripping me, I’d excuse the fact that he’d been treating me poorly for years. . . Later down the line, iBDW revealed to me that while his victim testimony was in fact truthful, he had made up the claim that sexual intercourse was performed on him in order to further guilt-trip and manipulate me."


Hax goes on to claim that iBDW embellished and made-up details about their conversation at Pound 2019 to make Hax look worse. Hax said that iBDW's claim that he didn't sympathize with iBDW was false. He also denied making any crude comments about the situation, as iBDW had claimed in his Tweets earlier this week.


Hax also accused iBDW treating him poorly after Hax distanced himself. This poor treatment allegedly included iBDW making negative comments about Hax on stream as well as calling Hax "clinically insane" after Hax released his controversial Evidence.zip 2 video against Leffen.


At this point in his statement, Hax finally got around to addressing the accusations that he made fun of and denied iBDW's experiences of abuse on his Discord server. 


"My frustrations with his behavior culminated on June 21st when a member of my Discord server brought up how wrong it was that iBDW had described me as clinically insane," he explained. "That same member then brought up iBDW’s false testimony as to discredit his claim that I’m insane. Having been on the receiving end of iBDW’s false testimony, I was inclined to agree with this person, and so I clarified that the testimony was in fact fake. This was in reference to the embellished details specifically (meaning I was NOT discrediting iBDW’s victim status)."


Hax went on to explain that his statements were sent to iBDW who then posted them to Twitter on Monday without having the complete context of the conversation.


"After iBDW made the knee-jerk decision to refuse to speak to me and go ahead with his tweets, he began streaming about me for hours on end," Hax said. "iBDW made an endless list of defamatory comments during his stream and fully rallied people to band against me. At one point, he acknowledged the possibility that I was only alleging that the sexual intercourse detail was faked, then continued to smear campaign me anyway."


He concluded: "This course of action is entirely reckless, absurd, and malicious. iBDW knew that by acting in this manner, he would cause potentially irreversible damage to my reputation and career."


Hax bans himself and calls for iBDW to be banned too

After a long apologetic journey, filled with explanations, screenshots, and counter-claims, Hax called for a 3-month ban on himself


The player stated: "Based on the above circumstances, I believe that my comment shouldn’t be viewed as an accurate depiction of my character. With that being said, it is still an unacceptable comment and I will be reflecting deeply on my decision to publicly state it. I maintain that I should not have made this comment, and I am sorry to iBDW for doing so. . . Between my negligence and the crude comment I made toward iBDW, I am personally advocating for a 3-month ban / hiatus on myself."


Hax also maintained that iBDW had acted inappropriately called for iBDW's ban.

Hax said, "iBDW’s handling of our situation wasn’t acceptable, and despite my lack of leverage at this current moment I believe that a ban needs to be imposed here, I am appalled by Cody's decision to ignore my request to speak in private and go forward with his course of action, which was blatantly intended to make me out to be a menace via a lack of context. Given his history of malicious intent toward me, I can safely allege that this was an opportunistic attempt to finish me for good.


Read the full text of Hax' apology here.


iBDW responds to Hax' apology call for his ban

iBDW released his own Twitlonger on Wednesday, in which he offered counter-points to many of the statements Hax' made in his apology.


Firstly he responded to Hax claim that he made no crude comments about iBDW's story at Pound 2019.


"He 100% told me to my face that I had to have wanted it, I was 14, etc." iBDW contended. "To say anything else is just a lie and I have nothing else to say, and this is in line with how he's talked about victims in both evidence.zip and the D1/Moon/DJ discussions. . . I 100%, and I repeat, 100% should not have exaggerated the severity of my abuse to him, and for that I apologize, but similarly, I admit this, I understand that it was a genuinely terrible thing to do, hence why I sought help and took time away from streaming/social media to fix myself."


iBDW next addressed Hax claim that iBDW manipulated him to gain sympathy.


"The claim that I intentionally manipulated him to garner sympathy is just outlandish. Why the f*ck would I use an incestual assault case to gain sympathy?" iBDW said. "Trauma is one of the most anxiety-inducing topics, and I wanted to tell a close friend of an experience that repeatedly came up because I felt genuinely uncomfortable whenever parents came up, and (again, wrongfully so) got extremely anxious about his response (apparently rightfully so) and exaggerated the extent of the abuse it. That's a garbage thing to do, and one of the main reasons I got help."


In regards to Hax' call for iBDW's ban, iBDW said, "I am not a perfect human being, I absolutely have made mistakes, and if the community decides that for those previous mistakes, I need to take a break, then so be it."


He added, "[Hax] self-imposing a three-month ban (conveniently when there aren't any IRL events) after everything he's pulled, however, should be another indicator of someone trying to push their own narrative without trying to understand the severity of their actions, and not accepting anything they've done in the past. I have no desire to talk to this person anymore, and the only other thing I will apologize for is publicly calling you clinically insane. It was a stretch, and I had no right to do that. I'm sorry."


Read the full details of iBDW's Twitlonger here.








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