Leffen "concerned with [his] safety" after Hax$ releases 2.5 hour video accusing Leffen of "totalitarianism"

Source: Ye Gang Kuang

Leffen Tweeted on Friday evening that he is "concerned for [his] safety at events" and that he is seeking out legal representation after fellow Smash pro Aziz "Hax$" Al-Yami released a wild 2.5 hour long rant on Friday in which he accused TSMFTX Leffen of secretly manipulating the Smash community using psychological warfare tactics and took it upon himself to diagnose Leffen as a "dark triad" or "dark tetrad" Machiavellian dictator. 


Leffen Responded to the video, saying that he is concerned for his safety and is seeking out legal representation before saying any more about the situation.



Hax's kicked off his video by quoting Hitler, which isn't a great start if you want people to listen to you. He then went on to compare fellow smash pro-Leffen to Stalin and accuse him of "attempting totalitarianism". He also accused Leffen of a laundry list of other poorly supported accusations, including claiming Leffen:


  • Tried to destroy Hax' Smash tournament
  • "Hijacked" the #MeToo movement to "take down ZeRo"
  • Used "blackmail" and other tactics to corrupt Hax' B0xx controller business.


Additionally, he, without a medical degree, attempted to diagnose Leffen as a "dark triad", which is a psychological concept that described an individual with narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. While Leffen is known as a bit of a bully and isn't necessarily well-liked, accusing him of having a psychological disorder rubbed many the wrong way.


The Smash community received the video and accompanying document poorly, with most reading it as unhinged and lacking credibility. A large number of fans in the Smash community tweeted and commented their support for Leffen both independently and under Leffen's post regarding the situation.


We can expect Leffen to make a more complete comment on this situation after he has secured a lawyer. 


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