[LCK] GEN Rascal on LCK top laners: "Kiin was the most impactful... Khan has been extremely good this summer."


On June 19, in the 2021 LCK Summer Split, Gen.G defeated Nongshim RedForce 2-1. It was a battle between the two undefeated teams this season and Gen.G came up on top. With the win, Gen.G extended their winning streak to four games. Gen.G top laner Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee had a great performance playing Lee Sin and Gnar. After the match, he joined the press room to talk with the media.



Congratulations on today’s win. You’re on a 4-game winning streak and now in first place. How do you feel?


Today’s opponent was Nongshim RedForce who had good momentum, so I’m really happy that we won.


Kellin had said that he’ll try to kill you. Do you have anything to say?


Usually, I don’t feel that good when we win 2-1, but after Nongshim RedForce beat us in game 2, I ran into Kellin in front of the bathroom. He said to me, “Kim Kwang-hee cut!” So I thought I needed to have revenge for that. I’ll do the same here, “Kim Hyeong-gyu cut!” [Laughs]


You banned Rumble and Ezreal in all the games. How was the preparation for today’s match?


For Ezreal, it seemed that deokdam liked playing him, so we just banned him. As for Rumble, we thought it could be dangerous if Peanut played him and since it could be very synergetic with mid Sett.


Gen.G is continuing to win on the red side.


We’ve been winning on the red side so I don’t think we should change. Maybe we might change it if we lose.


In games 1 and 2, the top side picks were the same in Lee Sin, Diana, and Sett, but you changed it completely in game 3.


In game 3, the opponent picked Renekton first. Since Volibear is good against Renekton, and Clid has been doing great playing Volibear in the jungle, we picked him and tried to fit the composition that goes well with Volibear.


There was also a long chase which you survived. Did you think you’d live?


When they first came in, I thought I might be able to survive. I almost did die in the middle, but somehow I did survive. [Laughs]


You played Nocturne 5 straight games, and Clid played Diana 5 straight games. Don’t you get sick of playing the same champ over and over again?


[Laughs] Rather than getting sick of it, nothing matters if we win. Nocturne is a champion that’s rather easy to kill, but the champions I played today, Lee Sin and Gnar, are good to go in and out. It was really fun, so I’m happy.


Gwen and Viego were available in some of today’s games. What do you think about their tier in the current meta?


I think Gwen is quite high. Viego is pretty high too, but I think he’s lower than Gwen and Renekton. The reason I didn’t play Gwen and Viego was that there are some champions difficult to face. So I just picked champions that are good against the opponent.


Khan said Garen is Gwen’s counter and Rich said Warwick. What do you think?


[Laughs] Do I need to say something interesting? Frankly, I don’t think there are any hard counters for Gwen. She has a high scale potential and can make explosive plays in teamfights with just 1 core item. That’s the reason she’s high on the tier list.


In your experience, are there champions that are difficult to face when playing Gwen?


Frankly, when I play Gwen, rather than the laning opponent, I dislike jungle champions like Udyr or Volibear. The champions that gank often are more annoying than any top champ.


Gen.G is doing great this season. It’s still early, but what do you think your chances are of winning the championship?


There are still parts where we could improve, and I think we’ve only shown 30%, so I’ll say our chances are 30%. If we could show 100%, I believe we would win 100%.


Which top laner are you looking out for the most this season?


In the recent matches, Kiin was the most impactful and played the laning phase very well. Also, Khan has been extremely good this summer, so I’m looking out for Kiin and Khan the most.


What do you think about DWG KIA’s role swaps?


If whatever they attempt is pointed properly towards winning, it’s what they should do. I think it’s very interesting.


Any last comments?


Thank you to all the fans that cheer for us. I’ll do my best so that we could prepare for the next match again. Also, I’m kind of sorry to Kellin for taunting him. [Laughs] But a win is a win, so Kim Hyeong-gyu cut!

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