[LCK] GEN Ruler to NS Kellin: "If you act up, I’ll kill you."


On June 16, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, Gen.G struggled through kt Rolster. Although they took the first game through Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk’s Ezreal in game 1, they failed to close the game in game 2. In the end, it was Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong’s Azir to the rescue and Gen.G took the 2-1 win. After the match, Ruler joined the press room to talk with the media.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Today’s game was really difficult, so it’s kind of exhausting, but it’s a relief that we won. I think we need to work harder for our next match.


You played Ezreal in all three games. Many people say that Ezreal is above top-tier. What do you think?


Well, Ezreal is surely one of the top-tier champions, but he has his weaknesses. His laning is rather weak. His strength is that his carry potential in the mid-late game is really high. Although he has some weaknesses, he also has a lot of strengths so he’s used a lot.


Although you said that Ezreal’s laning is weak, it seems that you tend to push hard during the laning phase like in today’s first game. What do you think about your playstyle?


I think that it was an okay matchup in the first game. As for the other games, Ezreal was weak against the opponent champions so I fell back during the laning phase. As you saw, I was dove in the third game.


Your next match is against Nongshim RedForce. Their bot duo is doing quite well this time. Do you have anything to say to them?

Fans say all kinds of things if we don’t play well and lose. As your nickname is deokdam, I’ll hit you hard so that fans wish you well.

(Ed — deokdam 덕담 means "well-wishing words" in Korean)


Kellin was your former teammate. A word to him as well?


If you act up, I’ll kill you. [Laughs]

You’re that close with him, right?


Umm… I really want to kill him. [Laughs]


Any last comments?


Even if we’re on a 3-game winning streak, we’ll be trying to improve our performance more. Please cheer for us more as well. We’ll work even harder.

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