Who will be revealed as the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC at E3 tomorrow?


E3 has always been a big event for Super Smash Bros. It's often one of the most anticipated reveals of the weekend and this year is no different. 


Nintendo is having their presentation Tuesday, meaning there's just one day left until fans possibly hear some juicy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news. E3 will most likely be the platform Sakurai uses to drop the next DLC fighter — maybe even two


Nostalgia darling Banjo & Kazooie was revealed during E3 2019. But Smash has a very long history with E3 dating back to 2001. Over 20 years ago, Sakurai revealed Super Smash Bros. Melee at E3. The game was then available to play at Nintendo's booth, along with Luigi's Mansion and Pikman. 


"I think these three titles had the largest number of demo machines per title out of all the games at E3," Sakurai said at the time


Smash is no different now. Even after 20 years, Smash is still one of the most-anticipated games at E3. And with Sakurai previously hinting that the last two DLC fighters may be announced "very soon," fans are expecting some big news come tomorrow. 


But who will be the final two Smash DLC fighters? 


Nintendo has stayed pretty tight-lipped. But fans have come up with a few theories over the past year. 


Crash Bandicoot



If Banjo can get into Smash, why not Crash? This major gaming icon has no representation in Super Smash Bros. thus far, not even Mii skins or assist trophies. And with the release of the Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time sequel, it seems like the Crash hype is real. 


My Prediction: 5/10 chance


Crash is an icon, sure. But most people want him in the game based on nostalgia alone. While that's not a wrong reason, it doesn't feel like enough to convince Sakurai. Still, Crash is a major character that tons of people want. Although that sometimes works against Smash fans — Sakurai may not want to do something so obvious. But if he does do something obvious, Crash is probably it. 





Ever since Smash used the phrase "everyone is here" fans have been meme-ing about Waluigi's blatant absence from the game. Waluigi is part of the main Mario cast and has been featured in all of the popular titles from tennis to Mario Party. But the lanky villain has still not arrived in Smash's giant roster like his squatty counterpart Wario. 


My Prediction: 4/10 chance


Most people who wanted Waluigi were just "doing it for the meme." Waluigi offers literally NOTHING. He has no unique traits or abilities. Wario had his own game, which is most likely why he was picked over Waluigi. But the memes aren't funny. Waluigi sucks. And he's already an assist trophy.


Sakurai would only pick Waluigi to throw people off since the boring memes have finally dissipated and other DLC predictions have taken over the spotlight. But if we get a Nintendo rep, I'd rather see Captain Toad. 


Master Chief



There have been a lot of hints about Master Chief this past year. From Walmart employees tweeting about the possibility to official Halo x Nintendo artwork, it seems that the classic Halo protagonist may be iconic enough to find his way into Smash's roster.


Nintendo is no stranger to Microsoft characters (Minecraft Steve, anyone) so fans of the concept think it's not too much of a stretch. With plenty of unique weapons to choose from, Master Chief would be an effective (and annoying) projectile fighter. 


My Prediction: 6.5/10


I can't be too confident about this choice since it seems as though talking a lot about a possible DLC can cause Sakurai to avoid the character altogether. But Master Chief is an iconic character that actually has an interesting moveset and abilities to work off of. I'm not a Halo fan but this is one of the more interesting fan theories out there. 





With the freshness of Pokemon Sword & Shield and the recent reveal of Pokemon Legends, it wouldn't surprise many people to see another Pokemon added to the roster. The game already has an abundance of Pokemon but that also means it wouldn't be too much of a shock to see another. The real question is which Pokemon?


Most fans believe it would be a new Pokemon from Sword & Shield. Maybe Urshifu, a powerful fighting Pokemon that appeared in the DLC. 


My Prediction: 3/10


With only two slots left for the entirety of Ultimate, I'm not sure if Sakurai would add another Pokemon. This isn't based on anything factual, but it seems that Sakurai would want the final two to be epic and surprising, not just another Pokemon. But for Pokemon fans like me, a Pokemon would be a great addition. I'd especially love to see a fighter that changes between Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon. 





Classic fighting game characters are already on Smash's roster so why not Chun-Li? This iconic Street Fighter character is probably one of the most recognizable women in all of gaming thanks to her strength, outfit, and powerful thighs. 


Chun-Li was a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Dream. She was the third Capcom character to be added as well as the second Street Fighter character (Ryu was first). 


My Prediction: 5/10


This is a much less discussed DLC prediction that fans have meaning Sakurai hasn't been bombarded with the concept 24/7 for the past year. Still, Chun-Li is a very popular character that nobody would be upset to see. This balance of under-the-radar hype and instant recognition would make Chun-Li a great choice for the Smash roster.


But I still feel as though Sakurai might have something more stand-alone in his sleeve instead of picking from a game that already as a rep in Smash. 





A lot of Smash players are surprised at the lack of Sonic representation in Super Smash Bros. Despite being one of Mario's biggest rivals, Sonic is the only character from his franchise to join the fray. That's why a lot of fans have theorized that Eggman or Knuckles may be coming quite soon. 


Dr. Eggman has a lot of unique powers to work with, including claws and drills. He would most likely fight from within his mech for this reason. 


My Prediction: 6/10


With so many one-of-a-kind mechanics and abilities, Dr. Eggman would be a great addition to Smash. And having a new Sonic rep seems like a pretty likely move. Since Eggman is not openly discussed every hour on Smash forums, it would also be an interesting twist for fans, making Sakurai more likely to ponder the idea. 


D.Va (or Tracer?)



Speaking of mechs, Overwatch has been on Smash fans' minds since the game became playable on the Nintendo Switch. This seemed to be a pretty big hint that Overwatch may have a chance to be represented in Smash's roster. From there, most people have decided it would most likely be Tracer, D.Va, or Solder: 76. These are some of the more recognizable characters from the FPS that feature strong and easy-to-translate abilities.


My Prediction: 5/10


A year ago I may have had a stronger feeling about this one. But Overwatch is "dead" in many people's eyes. While Overwatch 2 is coming out, the fanbase has been frustrated with the game for quite some time. I'm not sure if adding a hero to Smash would have as much hype as Nintendo would want. Still, it would be much more preferable than a Fortnite skin. 





Dante has been featured in other fighting titles and his moves from Devil May Cry seem to easily translate. With his mixture of sword fighting and gunning, Dante would definitely be an interesting addition to Smash, although it would sort of feel like Joker and Cloud (or Sephiroth) were combined. 


My Prediction: 6/10


This is a possibility that people have pondered for quite some time. Dante is just a badass character that would be fun to play, making a lot of Smash fans curious about this interesting concept. But I don't think it's a SUPER likely possibility because we just got two sword fighters, Sephiroth and Pyra & Mythra. I also don't know if his moveset would be unique enough to be a strong finishing DLC choice. 

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