Back to LoL Park at last! — Sights from week 1 of the 2021 LCK Summer Split


After being empty for more than a year due to COVID-19, the LCK is back to LoL Park! The players, fans, casters, and reporters all returned to LoL Park for the 2021 LCK Summer Split. As the pandemic isn’t yet over, only 40 fans were allowed to be seated, but their passion wasn’t any less than a packed crowd. Here are some photos from the first week of the LCK and LoL Park!


▲ I missed you guys so much!
▲ Teams are preparing for the first match back at LoL Park!
▲ At the casters' desk, the legendary CloudTemplar, Caster Jun, and Gangqui.
▲ Although it was open to fans, only 40 were allowed.
▲ But they still filled up the arena with their passion.
▲ It was so nice...
▲ To see all these...
▲ Players again!
▲ "How does it feel being back at LoL Park?"
▲ "YAAAY!!!"
▲ Lining up to thank the fans!
▲ Blank is back in the LCK.
▲ Rascal is thrilled to be back at the park as well.
▲ We can see the players get along once again.
▲ Here come...
▲ ...the junglers!
▲ The hottest match of the week, DWG KIA vs T1!
▲ It's Faker!
▲ And ShowMaker!
▲ kkOma is back too!
▲ DWG KIA took the win in the first round.
▲ Peanut getting ready to battle.
▲ "We can do it!"
▲ Lehends just being himself.
▲ Summit is warming up.
▲ Leo has been called up to the starting roster.
▲ "Alright, you got this."
▲ Fly takes the win!

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