WoW Burning Crusade Classic leveling guide: Levels 64-68


WoW TBC Classic leveling guide: Levels 60-65


Nagrand and Blade’s Edge Mountains are two of the middle-tier zones in Outland. They cover levels 64 to 68 and continue to introduce more neutral questing hubs, alongside some faction-specific towns. 


These are also zones where you can begin to find some items that are strong even at level 70, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for strong rewards, mostly from group quests. 


Let’s take a look at how you can tackle these zones and the main things to cover in both Nagrand and Blade’s Edge Mountains.


Nagrand (64-67)

Garadar and Telaar

Garadar and Telaar are the two faction hubs in Nagrand, representing Horde and Alliance respectively. You’ll find the majority of your quests in these areas, so it’s important to start your Nagrand journey here. 


Here’s what you should do when you arrive at your faction’s town:


  1. Pick up the Horde or Alliance introduction quest
  2. Complete the first two quests in the quest chain (until you receive the Horde or Alliance return quest). This unlocks other quests in the towns
  3. Grab all the currently available quests
  4. Head to the Inn to set your Hearthstone
  5. Move to the Throne of the Elements and the Nesingwary Camp before questing


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Throne of the Elements and the Nesingwary Camp

These are the two main neutral hubs of Nagrand. Both provide a fair few quests that are great to do alongside the quests from your faction’s hub. Here’s what to once you reach the areas:


  1. Ensure you have The Throne of the Elements quest
  2. Travel to the Throne of the Elements, hand in the quest, and accept every quest
  3. Move to the Nesingwary Camp and accept every quest
  4. Begin doing the quests from Gardar or Telaar, while progressing through the neutral area quests along the way
  5. Once you finish your faction’s town quests, hand them in and grab follow-ups

The Ring of Blood

The Rind of Blood is a unique area. Here you can fight elite-level monsters (with a group!) for a quick quest chain that provides a ton of exp and a strong weapon reward. If you can find a party and it’s not too busy, it’s definitely worth visiting. Here’s what you can expect: 


  • Requires level 65
  • Requires a 5 man party
  • 6 quests to slay elites
  • 85,000 exp reward
  • Strong unique weapon reward

Blade’s Edge Mountains (65-68)

Reaching Sylvanaar or the Thunderlord Stronghold

The Blade’s Edge Mountains are a slightly different zone. Each faction needs to take a specific route into the zone, leading from their towns in Zangarmarsh. Here’s how to get there:


  1. Fly to the Orebor Harborage and accept No Time for Curiosity
  2. Make your way North and into the cave, accept Killing the Crawlers
  3. Kill the spiders in the cave and keep following the road North until you reach Sylvanaar
  4. Turn in your quests and accept all follow-ups
  5. Set your Hearthstone at the Inn
  6. Begin working through your initial quests 


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  1. Fly to Zabra’jin and accept The Ogre Threat
  2. Fly to Swamprat Post and make your way to the cave North West, once there accept Killing the Crawlers
  3. Kill the spiders in the cave and keep following the road North until you reach the Thunderlord Stronghold
  4. Turn in your quests and accept all follow-ups
  5. Set your Hearthstone at the Inn
  6. Begin working through your initial quests 


Toshley's Station and the Mok'Nathal Village

After your first few quests, you’ll receive follow-ups to move onto the next faction town in the zone. These are important quest hubs and well worth going to. 


  1. Once you’ve unlocked Where Did Those Darn Gnomes Go? or Whispers On The Wind, head to your faction’s next town.
  2. Hand in your quests and grab all available quests in the area
  3. Begin working on all your quests



Evergrove is the only neutral town in Blade’s Edge, situated in Ruuan Weald. You’ll need to head here to continue questing after your two faction towns. Here are some keynotes:


  • As Alliance, the Test Flight quest leads to Ruuan Weald. For Horde, you can just go to the town when you’re nearby
  • Every quest in the area is worth doing
  • Remember to set your Hearthstone at the Inn! 


The Damaged Mask

The Damaged Mask is a hidden quest chain in Blade’s Edge Mountain. It’s vital to do as it provides a ton of experience, and some very powerful rewards. Here’s how to unlock it:


  1. Head to the highlighted area on the map
  2. Kill Fel Corrupters until they drop a Damaged Mask 
  3. Accept the Damage Mask quest  
  4. Complete the chain, ending with The Hound Master
  5. Rewards powerful rare necklaces (some of which are the best options even at level 70!)

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