WoW Burning Crusade Classic Leveling Guide: Levels 60-65

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So you’ve just stepped foot into the brand new world of Outland and you may be asking yourself: well, where do I go now? 


Exploring and figuring out where to quest on a whole new planet is no easy task. There are seven new zones, a ton of quests, and even some new mechanics to figure out. The road to level 70 will be a tough one, but we’re here to help you out every step of the way. 

Leveling in outland is a bit more linear than Azeroth, so you’ll only need to stick to a zone or two every level. For now, we’ll break down the first three zones and everything you need to do to go from level 58 to 65. 


Hellfire Peninsula (58-63)

Reaching Honor Hold or Thrallmar

Honor Hold (Alliance) and Thrallmar (Horde) are the two first questing hubs you’ll interact with. To reach these and obtain quests, you’ll need to do the following. 


  1. Speak with the Alliance or Horde representative near the Dark Portal and accept their quest
  2. Travel through the Dark Portal and make your way down the staircase
  3. At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll see an Alliance flight master and a Horde flight master, hand in your quest, accept the follow-up, then speak with them again to fly to your faction’s hub

Hellfire intro quests

Once you arrive at your faction’s town, you will be able to pick up follow-up quests and slowly start exploring Outland. Here are the first few steps you need to follow, which will then lead you directly to more quests:


  1. Travel to the town’s main base (the biggest building in the town)
  2. Turn in your initial quest, and grab the two follow-up quests. Both of these will lead you to a minor quest hub and open up some lengthy quest chains in one area
  3. Head to the Inn to set your Hearthstone
  4. Choose which quest you want to do first (there’s no real benefit to doing one first over the other) and head to the quest NPCs just outside of the town 
  5. Each quest will give you a follow up to quest in a specific area, and once you’ve finished a section, the final quest will send you right back to town


Temple of Telhamat and Falcon Watch 

Beyond the initial areas are two more faction-specific towns, the Temple of Telhamat (Alliance) and Falcon Watch (Horde). You should only go to these after you reach level 61 and receive a quest to visit these towns. Here you should do the following:


  1. Make sure you have the quest: The Temple of Telhamat or Falcon Watch
  2. Hand in this quest to open up quest lines in the town
  3. Optional: Set your Hearthstone at the Inn
  4. Grab all the quests and do them in any order

Hellfire Dungeons

  • Hellfire Ramparts: 59 - 63
  • The Blood Furnace: 60 - 65 
  • The Shattered Halls: 70


There are three dungeons in Hellfire Peninsula, two are available to players below level 70 and both are actually very decent to do. They drop solid items which are well worth getting for new players, however, they provide little experience and you should only run them once to finish dungeon quests, which are obtained as you finish Hellfire questlines.

Zangarmarsh (60-64)

Reaching Zangarmarsh and the Cenarion Refuge

Once you hit at least level 60, you can choose to continue Hellfire, or head to Zangarmarsh. If you want to move on, here’s how to get there and what to do once you arrive:


  1. Travel to either the Temple of Telhamat and Falcon Watch
  2. Exit the town and follow the road West
  3. Once you see giant mushrooms in the distance, keep following the road until you arrive at the Cenarion Refuge (a neutral town)
  4. The refuge has only two buildings, head inside both and grab all the quests
  5. Set your Hearthstone in the Inn
  6. Move to Telredor or Swamprat post before questing

Alliance: Telredor and the Orebor Harborage

There are two Alliance towns in Zangarmarsh. Telredor is the closest and the one you should go to first, while Orebor Harborage is further away and focuses on higher-level quests.



The town is situated on top of a giant mushroom, but it can be accessed by elevators near the docks


  1. Grab all the quests you can find in Telredor 
  2. Stick to the right side of Zangarmarsh as you complete all the quests from the two hubs
  3. Once you’ve finished all the quests in these areas, make sure to grab ‘The Orebor Harborage’ quest and head to there


Orebor Harborage

You’ll only find a handful of quests here, but they’re all situated in the same area and worth doing. 


  1. Hand in ‘The Orebor Harborage’
  2. Grab the follow-up and any other relevant quests
  3. Optional: Set your Hearthstone in the Inn
  4. Complete all the quests, which will be situated nearby and to the East


Horde: Swamprat Post and Zabra’Jin

Just as for Alliance, there are two Horde towns in this zone. Swamprat Post is the first town you should head to, followed by Zabra’Jin.


Swamprat Post

  1. Grab all the quests you can find in Swamprat Post
  2. Stick to the right side of Zangarmarsh and complete all the quests you’ve picked up so far
  3. Hand in the quests and complete any follow-ups
  4. Accept "Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai" and head to Zabra’Jin



Zabra’Jin is quite a big quest hub for Horde and will have you running around the Western portion of the zone. Do the following once you arrive:


  1. Hand in ‘Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai’
  2. Grab all other quests in Zabra’Jin
  3. Optional: Set your Hearthstone in the Inn
  4. Complete all available quests in any order


Zangarmarsh Dungeons

  • The Slave Pens: 61-67
  • The Underbog: 62-68
  • The Steamvault: 70


There are two dungeons that you’ll be able to do early on in Zangarmarsh. These drop some strong items and should be done once you have the quests for them. You can find quests for these dungeons in the main Zangarmarsh hubs. 


Terokkar Forest (62-65)

Terokkar, Shattrath City, and the Cenarion Thicket

Terokkar is a key zone in Outland and it houses the capital city of the expansion. While leveling, Shattrath offers a few quests, but the bulk of questing will be done outside of it. Here’s what you should do when you first get to Terokkar


  1. Head into Shattrath and Grab ‘City of Light
  2. Complete the quest and choose either Aldor or Scryer, then grab quests from your chosen faction’s base
  3. Head to the Cenarion Thicket


The Cenarion Thicket

This is a small neutral quest zone, but is vital for progression in Terrokar. You should do all the quests here as they’ll lead you to your faction’s town. 


  1. Talk to the quest givers outside of the Cenarion Thicket
  2. Complete the short quest chain
  3. Once prompted, head to Stonebreaker Hold or the Allerian Stronghold


The Allerian Stronghold and Stonebreaker Hold

These are the core two towns of the zone. Both are situated very close to each other and will provide the bulk of your quests in Terokkar Forest. 


  1. Grab all of the quests in the town. They’re all important and lead to various areas in the zone
  2. Optional: set your Hearthstone in the Inn
  3. Complete all the quests in any order


The Bone Wastes

The Bone Wastes is a key neutral zone that sometimes goes unnoticed. Make sure to visit the highlighted areas in this order:


  1. First accept and complete quests in the Northern camp
  2. Then move onto the South Western camp
  3. Finally, grab the quests from the South East 


Terokkar Dungeons

  • Mana-Tombs: 63-70
  • Auchenai Crypts: 64-70
  • Sethekk Halls: 66-70
  • Shadow Labyrinth: 70


Much like in the previous two zones, these dungeons do drop good loot and are worth doing, but only if you have quests to complete. Quests for these dungeons are mostly gathered from around Terokkar Forest. 

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