Doublelift calls out Cloud9 over TenZ contract and buyout situation

Source: Riot Games


Ever since Jay "sinatraa" Won was benched from Sentinels, the sexual abuse allegation was not the only drama unfolding surrounding the situation. While awaiting the results of an internal investigation into sinatraa's past relationship, the esports community has watched Tyson "TenZ" Ngo excel on the champion team despite his uncertainty about his future with Sentinels. 


In a recent press conference covered by InvenGlobal's VALORANT correspondent Aaron Alford, TenZ said: "This team is amazing. I would love to stay with Sentinels if I could. I hope that I can. I am praying."


While on loan from Cloud9, TenZ has been helping Sentinels dominate opponents from all over the world at the VALORANT Champions Tour Reykjavik global championship, the first international LAN for the tactical shooter.  TenZ has also continuously spoken highly about his teammates throughout the journey, explaining to reporters how well he works with them. 


But despite TenZ being a perfect fit for the Sentinels squad, it's not yet clear if he can break his contract with Cloud9 where he is currently a content creator. He allegedly has a very high buyout. This is a situation that has everyone in the esports community holding their breaths, including veteran League of Legends icon Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng. 


Doublelift responds to TenZ hoping to join Sentinels



Doublelift spoke up about the delicate and frustrating situation on a recent stream after TenZ opened up about the amount of trust and love he has for his current teammates. 


According to Doublelift, there is a rumor that Cloud9 founder Jack Etienne "won't let Tenz go" unless it's for a "ridiculous buyout." Even though Doublelift agreed that the organization would obviously benefit from a high buyout, it "fucks up the player" because TenZ is possibly left unable to compete with Sentinels due to the costs. 


Doublelift also noted that TenZ signed the contract when he was young, implying that he might have not known the full extent of what he was getting himself into. Instead of caring about TenZ's best interest, it also seemed that Etienne only saw the player as a quick cash grab after helping Sentinels win the VCT Masters event. 



Doublelift said: "Obviously it's one of those ugly parts of esports where players are in contract prison. It really sucks when an owner tweets something like that. As a player, it makes you feel like you're just a cattle trying to get sold off to the highest bidder."


Other people agreed that the tweet was tasteless. Some called on Etienne to come up with a more reasonable price for the buyout. Some told Etienne to act in the best interest of the young player instead of the best interest of his own wallet. 


For now, sinatraa is still under investigation. The VALORANT pro recently received a longer suspension after not complying with the investigation properly. This has further dragged on the situation, making it even more unclear if TenZ will remain on the team now that Reykjavik is a wrap. 

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