TenZ is "praying" that he can stay with Sentinels after VCT Reykjavik win

Source: Sentinels

The VCT Reykjavik global championship wrapped up on Sunday, with NA's Sentinels claiming the victory over EU's Fnatic in flawless fashion. During the press conference following the match, Tyson "TenZ" Ngo was asked whether he wants to continue playing with Sentinels going forward, since the player is currently only on loan with Sentinels. 


"This team is amazing,"  TenZ said in response. "I would love to stay with Sentinels if I could. I hope that I can. I am praying."


During interviews in the past, TenZ praised the chemistry and teamwork of Sentinels, even going as far as saying it is the best team he has ever played on. During Sunday's press conference, Sentinels In-Game Leader Shahzeb "ShahZam" Khan also expressed his hope that TenZ can keep playing with Sentinels, ending his answer with an uneasy but hopeful "we will see what happens". 


TenZ is on loan from Cloud9, where he is signed to a contract as a streamer and content creator. TenZ was brought on to Sentinels initially to temporarily replace Jay "Sinatraa" Won while Won is serving a suspension related to an investigation into his alleged misconduct. What initially the arrangement was set to be temporary, TenZ worked out far better than anyone at Sentinels could hope. Indeed, TenZ was the top K/D ratio and the top slayer at VCT Reyjkavik. Losing him would be a huge blow to Sentinels, and apparently TenZ himself based on his answer at the press conference.


So It seems that Cloud9 has a very valuable player on its hands, so we can expect that behind the scenes there is some sort of monetary negotiation going on related to TenZ future. Regardless of what the players want, it comes down to whether or not Cloud9 is willing to part with TenZ, and if Sentinels is willing to pay whatever Cloud9 is asking for him.


Will the business of esports put a damper on this surging roster?


TenZ ending up with any team but Sentinels for the rest of 2021 would be nothing short of a crime against the burgeoning VALORANT esports scene. TenZ' stonks are through the roof and Cloud9 has a huge stake here. For now, TenZ, ShahZam, and the rest of Sentinels are left celebrating, but also praying that their organizations can come to an arrangement.

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