[MSI] DK kkOma on the schedule change: "I told them to make sure not to have such complications arise in the future."

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On May 20, the media day for the semifinals of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational was held. The four teams that reached the semifinals attended and answered questions from the media for 30 minutes each. When it was DWG KIA's turn, Kim "kkOma" Jeong-gyun didn't seem too happy about the schedule change in the semifinals.



To kkOma - Would you please share your team’s opinion on the scheduling of the semifinals that has your team playing on Saturday instead of Friday?


kkOma: Hmm… I received an explanation about what happened today, and I told them to make sure not to have such complications arise in the future. Whatever happened, happened, so I really want to make it to the finals and win the tournament.


To Ghost - Does coming into this tournament as the favorites to win add to the pressure of your performance? Or were you expecting to win the whole thing since day 1?


Ghost: Not really. All that was on my mind was playing well and getting good results; at the same time, I didn’t think that we were going to just take the whole tournament from game 1.


To Khan - Recently, your team is regaining its strengths. What did you and your team focus on to make improvements during this period?


Khan: Rather than focusing on one particular thing, we tried to fix our overall flow and structure of how we played our games.


▲ Source: Riot Games


To BeryL - Is there a lot of pressure to be the only representative of your region in an international tournament?


BeryL: Since MSI only has the Spring champions of each region participating, there’s definitely that added pressure compared to Worlds, a tournament that has multiple representatives from each region.


To ShowMaker - What were some of the most surprising factors at this MSI? Were there any regions that surprised you both positively and negatively?


ShowMaker: On the positive side, despite DFM getting knocked out early, they’ve performed quite well. Cloud9 definitely makes the list of the negatives; watching them lose to PGG, but winning with Irelia and Kalista in their last game against MAD really surprised me. 


To Khan - Did you find the MSI’s breakneck schedule particularly taxing? Or was it not all that different from previous international tournaments?


Khan: Just like last time, the MSI schedule has always been taxing overall. We had more games to play this time around, but I think it helped us stay on our toes and keep our in-game senses on alert. Also, every team had the same schedule, so I don’t think it was problematic.



To kkOma - Why did you choose MAD for your opponents at the semifinals?


kkOma: After giving it some thought and considering all the factors in play, we thought that it would be easier for us to face MAD Lions.


To kkOma - The team lost two games to RNG in the Rumble Stage, if you get to meet RNG in the finals, do you guarantee victory?


kkOma: If both RNG and we were to make it to the finals, I think we’ll definitely win because it’s a Best-of-5. I really hope that RNG makes it.


▲ Source: Riot Games


To Canyon - Compared to the LCK Spring, DK seems to be at a small disadvantage in the early game at this year’s MSI. What’s the reason? Will there be any adjustments focused in the early game in preparation for the knockout stage?


Canyon: The reason why I couldn’t get early leads is because I wasn’t thoroughly detailed and made a lot of mistakes. In the knockout stage, I think that if I pay attention to the details and play smart, I think we’ll be able to win games with advantages from start to finish.


To Khan - How is it like reuniting with kkOma as a coach? Has his coaching style changed from SKT to DK?


Khan: It definitely felt great to reunite with him. His coaching style remained pretty much the same, but since kkOma and I are newcomers to the team, we had more of a student-like mind at first, which led to talking a lot with the team and helping each other in improving.


To ShowMaker - What do you think of your team’s performance now compared to last year’s Worlds? How has the lineup change affected you?


ShowMaker: It doesn’t really mean anything to compare our performance to last year’s Worlds because a lot of time has passed. I don’t think there was any effect from the roster change.


To kkOma - If you win MSI and get the extra spot for Worlds, is there anything you’d like to say to the teams in your region?

kkOma: Hmm… Rather than having something to say to them, I’d like to be clear that we’re really trying to bring another spot for the LCK, so please cheer for us, DWG KIA.


▲ Source: Riot Games

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